REVEAL: My Bright Blue Antigona is Back!

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  1. I LOVE royal blue, bright blue, electric blue. I love blue!
    I had the most amazing Moroccan Blue Small Antigona last year and foolishly sold her.
    Thought I was overloaded with bags and felt the small perhaps didn't work for me.
    NOT! Been pining away for her and jumped on the chance to get a replacement.

    Please welcome Bright Blue from SS2014.

    I added a comparison shot with SS2013 Moroccan Blue Medium Nightingale so you can see how the blues are virtually identical.
    I also added some shots with her sisters, small Midnight Blue and medium Bottle Green.

    My MB Gale is a fantastic bag but my all time fave Gbag is most definitely Antigona. So, I really had to bring back a bright blue Antigona to my collection.

    If you missed out on the Moroccan Blue last year and really want that beautiful blue pop, go ahead and get the current season Bright Blue.

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  2. I can hear her singing "I'm back in baby's I missed those lovin' arms........I'm back where I belongggggg...........back in Sunny's arms!

    All your handbags and pictures are always so droolworthy! Love them to bits. Enjoy your Bright Blue doll!
  3. Your blue collection is gorgeous!! I love cobalt too. Congrats on finding your baby again. :biggrin:
  4. Ok, now I don't feel crazy about purchasing the same bag in multiple colors. Love your collection. That bottle green in the back is gorg! I love neutral colors. Glad you got your blue back. It's poppin!
  5. Lol! Love, we can always count on the most enthusiasm to come from you! Thank u my dearest! Hope ur still loving that buttery gale.

    Hiromi, thank u! I won't let her go this time.

    No, do not feel crazy! I definitely enjoy getting a style I love in multiple colors. I just cannot stop at one.
  6. You've truly got the blues Sun! Dreaming of blue skies and blue need, just stare at your gorgeous blue G bags!!!!
    Love your new blue ant., have no doubt you will love using her and showing her off.
    Truly loving your G bag family...

  7. Thank you bagsie! Yes, you are so right. I am seriously dreaming of blue skies and blue water. Spring, please get here!!! :lol: I definitely will enjoy taking her out.
  8. Wow, your new Antigona is gorgeous! You're so lucky you "refound" the one you regretted selling. I love the greens and blues in your Givenchy family. You'll get a lot of use out of the new bag now that the sun is finally starting to shine more!
  9. Such a beautiful color. The antigona is blue is definitely very gorgeous. Congrats!!
  10. Yey you hrhsunshine!! You got your baby back! Blue is such a beautiful color.
  11. Gorgeous. That color is stunning. Congrats!
  12. Beautiful! Congratulations!
  13. Thank you so much everyone! Winter is still trying to hold on here. Only 33 degrees this morning!!! GRRR!!! I am so delighted to have my bright blue again. The color is so fun. She will certainly help me feel better as Spring struggles to get here.

    Yes, PurseACold, the sun is starting to shine a bit but GOSH IT IS STILL CHILLY!!!

  14. Congrats. I saw this one in HK and it's very beautiful. I'm thinking get one in this color too.
  15. Sounds like we live in the same neck of the woods. After a few beautiful days, back to winter again. At least it is sunny and it looks like it will warm up in a few days.