Retun a bag with receipt but no tag?

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  1. I was organizing my bags and found a bag that I bought at the outlet nearly a year ago and not used. I have the receipt but I have no idea what happened to the tag. Will they give me a hard time if I try to return it?

    Once I received a bag direct from JAX without a tag and when I called them they told me that I would have no problem returning as long as I have the receipt.

    Your thoughts? I don't want to be embarrased.
  2. I don't have experience with returning with no tag. But I would think they might assume you used it if there is no tag, especially with it being so long ago.
  3. Yea i figure they would assume its used. good luck
  4. I would call the outlet and talk to the manager. I have bought things from the outlet that have had no tag before and they looked the price up at the register, but I did not try and return that particular item. Maybe it did not have a tag on it when you purchased it.
  5. I've done it before because when I bought the item, it didn't come with a tag. They can always figure out the item number by looking at the creed, which is what the SA did when I returned a bag without a tag.
  6. ^Yes I agree, I don't think u will have a problem returning it. As long as the receipt matches the style number on the creed and it has not been used.
  7. As long as you have the receipt they can see the bag was not used and you will get what you paid for it with the receipt.
    Good Luck!
  8. I don't remember if it had a tag. If it did, I can't imagine were it went. They can certainly see that it is not used.
  9. Out of curiousity: what bag is it and where are you located? ;)
  10. Hell, I returned a NEW, UNUSED bag without the receipt or tag, and they took it, no questions asked. The outlets don't care too much. I doubt that an FP store would take it back, though.
  11. I have purchases accessory pieces before w/o tags or the tag was missing but never a bag. Did you check the interior pockets by chance or the inside of the dustcover (just in case it came off and is sitting on the interior bottom of the dustcover. If you have had the bag a year and have not used it, you probably won't use it. I think if I were in your shoes, I would sell it on Ebay, you might even get a few dollars more than what you paid!
  12. I have returned before without a tag - many of times
  13. My Lindsay did not have a tag when I got her, so they do sell items that are untagged.

    If it did not have a tag on it when you got it they would have just scanned another item or priced from their system. If you have your receipt and it is unused you can still return it.
  14. I've never returned a bag w/out tags... that is something I'd definitely ask a manager if you can do, they would have to inspect the bag... they would more than likely give you merchandise credit if it doesn't have a tag I'm assuming? Unless you know some of your SA's close enough where they would give you a refund on how you originally paid for it...
  15. So hold on, if they do not take back bags without tags and such, or not supposed to; how come you can buy bags that have pen marks and such in them?