Resource for Jewelry Lovers ~ Post Your Favorite JEWELRY SHOPPING WEBSITES Here

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  1. Hi,

    I have check out some links from above and they are really great.
    Thank you for sharing them as I was looking for some great alternatives.:smile:
  2. :cool:
    I do most of my jewelry shopping on ebay, very easy to find & one of the safest sellers overall-stevie...:cool:
  3. Me too. I love ebay for purchase of all kinds - from office supplies to fine jewelry. Ebay buyer protection is amazing on all purchases.
  4. Bluenile, etsy and (believe it or not) Lastcall will occasionally have really great pieces for great prices
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  6. This store has higher end cubic zirconia items to take with you when traveling. I would never take my diamonds on an international trip and risk losing something
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  7. I've had good experiences with: (*1 purchase) (*1 purchase) *(1 purchase) (too many purchases lol :P )

    I'm in the middle of a purchase with Watch Chest also - they have great reviews and their customer service so far has been exceptional - as an international buyer that always impresses me no end :smile:

    When I'm in the mood to browse and drool and indulge in a fantasy life where money is no object...
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  9. Francescacollections

    google it..opened a new boutique in melbourne central..designer sisters are fm hobart Tasmania

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  10. Ross Simons is awesome. Although I haven't purchased any designer jewelry from there I have purchased some pearl rings that were affordable and trendy. I bought some rings on sale that were 18k yellow gold with freshwater pearls for somewhere about $150. The quality is quite good too!
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  11. For pre-loved items you can find some great things on Diamondbistro :

    Also for new items ID Jewelry in New York is easy to work with. The "Pricescope Special" earring jackets are renowned, and I have several eternities from them:

    When you want or need the best of the best stone performance this is where I go:
    Brian Gavin: (I love his "Blue" line which cuts stones specifically for their fluorescent properties so you don't have to do an endless stone by stone hunt somewhere if you are looking to have some BLue in your stones)
    Wink and HPD:
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  12. You know your jewelry/diamonds/gemstones! I am a longtime Pricescope member, and those are some great sites!
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