Resource for Jewelry Lovers ~ Post Your Favorite JEWELRY SHOPPING WEBSITES Here

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  1. That's where I learned of these. :biggrin:
  2. I've really only bought from Ebay so far...I used to love Laurelle Antique jewellery, who have an Ebay store. But they do copies of antique pieces as well as genuine antiques so always scared of getting it wrong and buying a copy. Has anyone bought second hand designer jewellery in actual stores in London? Via Google, found one in New Bond Street and one in Hatton Gardens - they have Tiffany, etc, but I wonder if they are 100% authentic?
  3. Grays Antique market is great too, and much more affordable that expected. More than Ebay but pieces look really good, like substantial Victorian sapphire & diamond earrings for £1.5K.
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  4. Can anyone recommend some good ebay sellers (where you do not have to worry about authenticity.)?

    From Sydney Australia. Luv these Lotus chakra necklaces for layering. If yr into dainty stuff have a look x FB_IMG_1517290732716.jpg FB_IMG_1517290650582.jpg FB_IMG_1517290360285.jpg Screenshot_20180130-153714.jpg
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  6. I love goldadore in etsy. If you love antique or vintage jewelry you will like her
  7. Ooh @Cosmopolitan I will go jewelry-web surfing with you any time! You listed my fave eye candy sites! Here are some more great websites to check out.


    Retail Stores:

    Designer websites:
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  8. Just realized I never posted, but, after reading this thread last year, I discovered I found a beautiful vintage diamond necklace that my husband got me for Christmas 2017 and I absolutely love it. I think the price was great and they sent it beautifully wrapped/with paperwork.

    As for other websites, I've found to have some great pieces, although, not always competitively priced. To be fair, most of their decor and furniture is the same way, but, it's a great site to get lost in for awhile!
  9. So beautiful. What stone is it ?