Resource for Jewelry Lovers ~ Post Your Favorite JEWELRY SHOPPING WEBSITES Here

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  1. Sorry lol short memory. They based in my state and have bought a few bangles fm them.
  2. Ok i just found it weird you had to post it again and again..members here probably knows it by heart by now.
  3. I am a great lover of dainty jewellery. I dont have proper website to search for jewellery. Everytime I am in a search for a new piece of jewellery, I spend a huge time online to find it. Thanks to this post, I'll bookmark it and use it everytime I am in need. :smile:
  4. Been stalking London Jewelers website a lot lately. The main store is huge, literally a series of interconnected stores with designer boutiques (VCA & David Yurman) attached. (Cartier used to have a counter there, too, but they moved a few doors down so I'm not sure if they are affiliated anymore besides watches). There are a few smaller boutiques too. They website has a lot of beautiful pieces and a nice variety, and yet it's probably less than 1/4 of what they actually carry (you have to go in to get to see the Oscar Heyman pieces ). Nice website to go to for inspiration.
  5. My go to shop is Carat* jewelry!! It's the best, it really looks like the real thing. I get so many compliments on this ring, it's insane. Nobody suspects its not real (shh...) I usually go to the shop in Harrod's or Covent Garden when I'm in London. I also looove their new tennis friendship bracelets.

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  6. - She sells high quality gold and platinum jewelry including earrings, necklaces, rings and for piercings as well. - Purchased a beautiful engraved bar from them.
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  7. Browsing their earrings.
  8. Interesting stuff.
  9. I love etsy for antique rings (:
  10. Love it!!! They look so real. I may have to get the bracelet.
  11. Do you have any recommended seller in etsy for antique rings? Ty
  12. Etsy is a good choice. has a lot of selections of Swarovski Elements.
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