Reseller markups.....

  1. Girls,

    I have advance info that a well-known reseller (well know to us on the forum) is about to have my toile combo Birkin available. What is your opinion on the price mark-ups of resellers? I've been scouring the inventory thread, and this combe hasn't come up, so I can't just place a call to a store and send Mr Fed Ex over to pick it up....should I pay the extra, or do you think the mark up is a little over the top?

    She generally charges around 10-11K for her 35 Birkins, so I'm expecting this one to be around that price. There have been three others on eBay also at this price, but I have held out because I figured it was far too much to hermes has gone into Autumn/Winter production, will I have a chance to get this one, or should I just bite the bullet and pay the premium????????????
  2. that is $4-5K mark up. insane. i wouldn't do it. you can almost get a kelly for that price. you can definitely get a paris-bombay for that price. or maybe you can splurge and get a croc bearn wallet or a H watch, so then you can earn brownie points with your SA. IMO, i wouldn't pay more than $1K mark up for a birkin and would not pay over retail for a kelly.
  3. Can you ask her to go a little lower on the price for you?
  4. Does anyone know what the retail is on the toile combo--I am assuming it's less than all-leather? For a higher-priced all-leather like Chevre, $10K isn't too far off--if you include a high state tax, and you're at about a $1K-2K markup. I am all for it--especially if it's difficult to come by and you truly truly love it. Did your SA have any advice as to the probability of an order being placed in this combo?
  5. I can understand a reasonable markup since they have to pay ebay/paypal fees, operation costs, and 2 for 1 night at the Tavern.

    I think you should offer lower ($2k markup).
  6. i know the 30 birkin toile was $6500. not sure about the 35.

  7. Orchids, I had enough trouble over the chocolate/orange combo...I didn't want to push it with the toile!!:lol:

    I believe the toile combos are around the same retail as say a togo 35???
  8. Japster...good....I might do this....I wonder if she's reading this....

  9. GF-I must have missed out on the Choco/Orange combo request! :nuts: Okay, a current 35cm Togo retails for $7,400 in the US. I would agree with Japster and not go more than $2K. You should be able to get a better deal if the reseller doesn't put it on eBay b/c then they won't have to pay final value and listing fees. And this is assuming you're definitely sure you LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag! :graucho:
  10. By the way girls...if you happen to see this at your store....
    toile birkin1.jpg
  11. OMG, K.....that's YOU! Well....I'd pay $1-2K over the retail price if I knew I couldn't get it until Hell Freezes Over. It's really hard to pay $4 or $5K over because I'm always calculating the "other" bag I could buy with that money, you know? Just make sure you LOVE it and then it'll be worth it.
  12. so $8500 - 9500 you reckon?? I wonder if she'll go for it - doesn't hurt to ask, I suppose. There are two others exactly the same on eBay right now, so I don't have to stress out - I'd just like to purchase from this particular seller - she's nice!
  13. You know, I find that good resellers who you know and trust and strike up a rapport with really don't mind working with you. It usually works out well in the end for everyone, you know? It never hurts to be up front and ask for what you'd like...the worst that can happen is that they say no. Be prepared for the "no" but chances are good that they'd prefer to work with you than not. You will come to a happy medium.

    I think your dream bag is just waiting for you....the truth be told K, a toile/combo Birkin would be perfect for your lifestyle and where you live. You can use that bag almost every day of the year!!!!
  14. I never buy anything from ebay. I bought 3 of my birkins at Mika's store and the markup is worth. If you have the spare money and you love that toile birkin and the reseller can be trusted, go ahead and buy.
  15. ^thanks Dior.....I know what you mean about eBay! hey, Hows that wedding coming along???????