Replace Clinique with Clarins or Origins?

  1. I'm looking for a skin care line that uses less chemicals and more natural ingredients. I have been using Clinique for many years. Currently I use about 8-10 different products in both the mens line and regular womens line (some of the unique specialty products).

    My typical morning routine includes the three step (fascial soap, estringent and moisturizer), turnaround skin renewer, all about eyes, superdefense for sunblock, pore minimizer on my nose and deep wrinkle concentrate to reduce crows feet.

    My evening routine includes three step, all about eyes rich, moisture surge, and repairwear intensive night cream.

    In addition I use once a week exfoliators and an occasional masks.

    (In case some of you are wondering how in the world does a guy use all these products. It was a slow process and began about three years ago. I was kicking and screaming when my wife began having me use a fascial soap and moisturizer. No self respecting man would use that stuff. Then I was somehow talked into getting a facial at a esthetician school. When I went there were three other guys were there. It was actually nice. The girl recommended several other products and there you have it three years later my routine grew exponentially. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin and have recieved many compliments be estheticians which keeps me going)

    So on to my question......Has any one used or familiar with clarins or Origins. Any specific products that I could replace the above with. I probably will not give up the clinique all about eyes or moisture surge because I really like these.
  2. Depends on your skin type.

    I have oily skin. I've used Clinique and it was overdrying for me regardless of which combination. I have used most of the other brands (Estee Lauder, Shisedo, Lancome, chanel) at the department store and found with Origins to be the best for my skin.

    Must Haves:

    Make A Difference™ Skin rejuvenating treatment (does not leave an oily film, best moisturizer I've found, use morning and night)

    Get Down™ Deep-pore clay cleanser (a little harsh for everyday use but does the job just right, I use it as a mask in the shower twice a week or whenever you feel your skin needs a deep cleaning)

    Checks and Balances (Great for cleaning off make-up at night)

    Out of Trouble® 10 minute mask to rescue problem skin (I can't say it works but I just love how it makes me skin feels afterwards and its great for when i need like a extra deep, deep, deep cleaning)

    Swept Clean(a great once a week exfoliator)
  3. Everything I use now is Clarins. They are a FABULOUS line! But pricey. Origins wouldn't be as big a price jump from Clinique. If you have any ?s about Clarins, feel free to shoot me a PM.
  4. Thanks for the info missliu and I may take advantage of the pm over illinirdhdt. My skin type is combination. Typically my skin is dry in the morning and by the afternoon becomes oily.

    Yea I noticed Clarins is considerably more pricier.
  5. May I make a recommendation of Caudalie, REN, Boscia, or Korres skincare if you are looking for more natural lines? These use very natural ingredients and are available at Sephora. I would say these were even more natural than Clarins and use less chemical ingredients.

    FYI, it's okay to use some products from one brand, and some products from another brand. So if you find something you like, give it a shot!

  6. I will check into these.

  7. I second the Korres recommendation. I use there cooling gel for after the sun and I love it. Another Greek natural company that is good is Apivita which I know the owners daughter personally and I know they try to use all natural ingredients.
  8. I use Clinique...... is it bad chemically to do so? Why are you switching?

  9. Many skin care products and makeup including Clinique have ingredients in them that may be harmful....many of which are preservatives. I was just looking for something that has more natural ingredients.
  10. I've never used Clarins, but I've used a lot of Clinique products and also Origins. My skin got so much better looking when I started using Origins. Especially their moisturizers with spf and Modern Friction(it's an exfoliating scrub, it's awesome). Right now I'm trying to find the right combo of products from Mario Badescu, but if I can't figure out what works for me, I'll definitely be going back to Origins!

  11. What moisterizer did you use from Origins. They have quite a few. I was looking at the A Perfect World antioxidant moisturizer. Currently I use Dramatically Different lotion along with the antioxidant cream from Clinique. I thought using the Origins would replace these two products.

    Has anyone used any moisturizers from Clarins or the other brands mentioned. I was looking at the Korres line and they look really good (lacking many of the typical toxic chemicals in other brands). They also have several moisturizers and dont know where to begin. I will need some in the next couple of weeks so trying to decide what to try.
  12. What is your skin type? That will help people make recommendations.
  13. I have nothing but good things to say about Korres...a great line, and superior to Origins, IMO. I have also used the Apivita hair care and express olive exfoliator, and love them -- especially the exfoliator. It comes in little packets (multiple uses in one packet) so it's great for travel and more sanitary.

    My big recommendation would be for daytime products with SPF all the way!
  14. You may want those preservatives... unless you plan on keeping the new products in the fridge and using them up immediately.

    I acutally really like Clinique, I use lots of it.