Regrets ajour siracusa pm

Jul 15, 2007
I Went to LV the other day.. To get a monogram bag. A neverfull or totally.

I need a Zipper bag so i was thinking most about the totally

Instead i came home with the siracusa pm and a small coin Purse in azur.

Im not sure i like the siracusa, it was my husbonds idea. While i was looking at the totally and trying it out, hé was amazed by the siracusa. And well, hé talk mé in to bying that instead.

But i can imagine the dirt it could get ón it. And stains from different close and so ón. So now im just not so happy about.

When i look at it, it is a pretty bag... But i just to scared to use it. Thats not the way it should be right?

What to dó.

Should i exhange it, or simply take the risk and enjoy it...

So so confused
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Jul 31, 2009
I would exchange!

I love Siracusa..I'm actually trying to find a day to get to LV to pick one up, but if it isn't what you want, take it back!

It's so expensive, too...for not much more you could get the bag that you really want.

If you are feeling this way about it now, I wouldn't even consider keeping it. :smile:


Apr 7, 2010
Exchange it. You should be happy with your bag. I have a Speedy in azur and was afraid to get it dirty. But i'm always careful with my bags so its not much for me to worry about. Get your first choice!.. not what your hubby likes :smile: