Recommendations, Please?

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  1. I'm new to Chanel and (unfortunately for my budget) beginning to fall madly in love with Chanel handbags. I'm curious to get the Chanel crowd's opinions on this: You have $2000, not a cent more. Which Chanel (leather) would you get? I'm not really a flap bag person, don't know why. They're beautiful, but my style is pretty casual and I see the flap bags as pretty dressy. Beyond that, I've not a clue. Can you guys help me out and if you can either post a pic or a link to a pic, please do. Being a Chanel virgin, I probably won't know the style by the name. :shame:
  2. a tote is the perfect bag for daytime (if you don't like flaps), imo. maybe the medallion or gst?
  3. if you dont like the flap bag then i agree with lovey that you should go with medallion or gst.
  4. how bout a cabas???
  5. what else do you like?
    SOft or structured?
    I'd recommend checking out the new Cotton Club but w/ tax, it'll be just over $2k, but it's fantastic distressed calfskin.

    If you llike structured, check out the Grand Shopping Tote.

    Have you perused our Reference LIbrary?
  6. the cerf tote is 1850.
  7. Nice to see you over here with us! Actually, a Flap can be casual. I had one and I carried it all the time with just jeans, which is what I wear every day since I work at home. I'm on a waitlist for a red Flap from S/S 07.

    A tote may be great for you, though. The Grand Shopping Tote is always a good option. I have a Baby Coco Cabas that I love, but those are all sold out in the stores, and there are waitlists for the ones that are going to be released in the new season.

    If you want care-free, the caviar leather is great as it's very durable. Lambskin is more fragile.
  8. Elaine, I am sooooooo glad to see you in the Chanel forum. I thought you were die hard Prada. I bet it was seeing all of Jill's new purchases - she is one big, bad influence on the rest of us. I seem to gravitate to her threads and want EVERYTHING she gets. Of course, I don't have those kinds of funds, but I love seeing everything she buys. For some reason, I'm not seeing you with the Medallion tote. Maybe the GST, the Cotton Club tote or the Soft n Chain like Jill has. Look through the reference section and you will see all 3. I know Jill has posted the Soft n Chain and I think the Cotton Club as well. Good luck and let us know which one you choose. Hope to see you again soon at our favorite place, SouthPark.
  9. Hey Lib! You and Tammy518 know me too well. It's scary! :wtf:

    I actually have just about decided that the GST was a "Me" bag. The medallion tote isn't what I'd want in a Chanel either. When I hear Chanel I think quilting, so that's what I'd want in whatever I ended up getting.

    And it's you and Piperlu that are to blame for me sneaking in here, you evil women! Between lusting over your bag and her new navy patent flap (and the gray reissue), I've been having quilt dreams ever since.:roflmfao:

    PS: Lib, DH and I will be at Southpark Saturday afternoon. Run over there for a few minutes so we can double team him into the NM Chanel boutique!:graucho:
  10. I am so glad to hear this....been wondering when you'd pop in here. ;) On top of the questions that have already been asked, I'd wonder if you've looked through the reference library and seen any photos that grab you?

    I really think you should try on a flap...I have a sneaking suspicion that it might surprise you.
  11. Elaine I've missed ya. QUILT DREAMS - love that. Yea I think the GST is you. NM will probably have one of some color in stock that you can try on. Piperlu got one in beige after our get together in January, pm her, I know she loves hers. I can also see you with the cotton club tote - did you find that one in the reference guide? And don't blame me and Debbie - you know it's Jill.

    I'll be out of town this weekend so I'll miss ya. Have a great time and let me know what you end up with.

    I am stillllllllllllllll waiting on my white Zac Posen from Saks - hope they come through in a few weeks.
  12. I just got the GST the other day and LOVE it! Classic and not over $2k!
  13. I also speak for Roey and Takeoutbox when I say that the Outdoor Ligne is the best! The leather is distressed caviar. Check out the reference thread but here are a few pics. This ligne is very un-chanel. It is so durable I can throw it around in my car and bring to the soccer field, whatever. I am super casual. I know what you mean about the flap being a bit formal. I have the bag in my avatar that I use for special occasions but going in and out of that flap everyday would drive me crazy.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

  14. Hey Elaine!!! So good to see you over here. :yahoo: I'm glad to hear you're looking for a Chanel. You'll want more.

    I think Lib is right about the GST tote and the Soft n' Chain bag. If you like a shoulder bag, they should work out great for you. The Soft n' Chain (like Jill's) reminds me of your gold Prada bag. It's very similar in that it's not a structured style.

    The GST is very structured. I recently got the Beige GST with gold hardware. I totally love it! I don't know if you remember when we were at SouthPark, but I tried it on in white. It's a terrific bag.

    Just like Lib and Tammy mentioned, the Cotton Club Tote would be a great bag as well. The leather is distressed so you won't have to be so super careful with it. It's a beautiful bag. I think I'm going to get it in silver/white. Jill got it in black and it's in the reference library area. Beautiful bag.

    I tend to prefer the Caviar or distressed leather because I don't have to be as careful with it. The lambskin is beautiful, but I'm so afraid of it. Although, I may get my Chanel clutch in lambskin, not sure though.

    Let me know if I can help with anything. I'm sure any of us here can enable you when you need it. LOL
  15. I personally say the cotton club,cabas,or soft and chain.They are my 3 all time faves.