Recommendations:Emotional Alphas: Romance Heroes like Kellan Kyle and Christian Grey?

  1. So I just read through Avoiding Commitment and Avoiding Responsibility and holy cow! What an emotional rollercoaster! My heart is STILL reeling. And the best part of those two books are that they are free :smile: the author has them published on a website and there is another website were you can paste the url and have it converted into any format for reading on a kindle/nook etc. this is the site with her stories. The first one is Avoiding Commitment this is the sequel Avoiding Responsibility and this is the site that converts them for whatever format you would like to read them on.

    Enjoy :smile:
  2. My vote goes to Love Unscripted first! :biggrin:
  3. Ahhhhhh I'm having Kellan Kyle withdrawals!!!!! :smile:
  4. How freaking cool is this??? Thank you!
  5. Thoughtless was SUCH an annoying read because of Kiera.

    That character was such a drain, I wanted to punch her in the face.

    Not to mention the writing was so elementary and some boring scenes so draaawwwnn out and wordy. UGH

  6. They are REALLY good. At least I like a lot of drama. The books are a little tedious in detail but the emotional development of the characters had me hooked. Let me know if you read them! I REALLY enjoyed both and I am hoping for a 3rd!
  7. Lisa kleypas wrote a great trilogy (each book contains a new love story, but many of the characters are in each of the books) of contemporary romances.

    Sugar daddy
    Blue eyed devil
    Smooth talking stranger

    Kleypas used to write historical romance only (wallflowers series is a great read) and she has just the right balance of storyline and lovemaking scenes. Also her heroines are not annoying like some other books.

    I have read the 50 shades trilogy and while the overall storyline had legs, it could've been wrapped up in 1 book and edited better.
  8. Just read Beautiful Disaster in one sitting. Liked it a lot.
  9. I just started Beautiful Disaster today and I really like it so far.

    Much better than thoughtless, IMO.
  10. Have you read Effortless? I liked it better than Thoughtless, Keira isn't as annoying:biggrin:
  11. I'd still slap Keira. Her irritation from the 1st book lingers going into the 2nd lmao
  12. True!:p But I still loved both books:biggrin:
  13. Oh me too! I just wanted to slap her silly based on principal lol
  14. tinkerbell: I just read both stories! I literally ignored my family and my messy house for an entire day! What an emotional roller coaster, indeed!