Recommendations:Emotional Alphas: Romance Heroes like Kellan Kyle and Christian Grey?

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  1. Since we've been posting recommendations in the Shades of Grey thread, and it was said to stay on topic, I thought it would be great to make a general thread.

    So far, we've seen recommendations like:

    Thoughtless/Effortless - S.C. Stephens

    Love Unscripted

    Other recommendations please?
  2. I LOVE goodreads. I have been using those lists to go thru books. I haven't started reading Love Unscripted yet, but I have read Beautiful Disaster, Bared to you, Thoughtless, Effortless, and then just started a series called Significance but it's based mainly on twilight I believe
  3. Has anyone tried Strangers by Barbara Elsborg? I've seen this one come up in discussions of how people that liked FSoG also liked this book.

  4. Yes! I loved it. It's much darker than the other ones mentioned. Much more chaotic than Love Unscripted, but is pretty hot at times.

    It doesn't have the theme of FSoG, which is fine to me (I mean, how much D/s can one take). It's also set in England, I think.
  5. Ok good, I have a sample of it on my Nook but not a chance to read it yet, I like the sound of darker, nothing wrong with some variety. :smile:
  6. This isn't as much of a recommendation but I read the Stewart Reality series is captivating in the sense that 50 shades is.

    I plan on checking them out sometime this weekend to see if they can hold a candle to our moody Christian/Kellan
  7. Thanks for recommending. I will add it to my TBR list! :smile:
  8. I just finished Love Unscripted by Tina Reber and I really liked it! It is rather sweet and not graphic like some of the others. I highly recommend it.

    I just finished Slammed and Point of Retreat and I am in LOVE with Will :love:. There is really no heavy love making scenes in this lol but I LOVED the story sooo much. The author did a brilliant job of making you love all the characters. Def one of my favorite books. SO worth the read!
  10. I wouldn't mind reading the Stewart Reality series but I want it in ePub. I don't have my Kindle anymore.
  11. I just finished Easy by Tammara Weber and it was AMAZING! One of the best YA Romance novels that I have read...EVER!

    I must warn that there is an underlying theme of rape, but empowerment that comes as a result. It's very heavy.

    It is NOT a book about sex. It's definitely about love.

    LindaP I think you will love this one

    I would be glad to loan it to anyone who would like to read it. I just need an email address. I can only loan it once every 14 days. It's also only $3.99 to buy on Kindle.
  12. I'm reading Thoughtless now after you recommendation here. Am I the only one that get annoyed at Keira? She's like a child.

    I could feel tears welling. “Two months, Denny…that’s so long.” In all our time together, the longest we had ever been apart, was the two weeks"

    Oh, get over yourself!!

    I got nOthing to say about Kellan yet.
  13. Yeah...I just wanted to punch Keira in the face.
  14. Yea I HATED Kiera lol. I'm not sure if I feel any differently towards her after reading Effortless but I LOVE Kellan Kyle :cloud9:
  15. I recently read Gabriel's Inferno and Gabriel's Rapture. Absolutely adored both. Fantastic books!

    I have Love Unscripted, Slammed and Strangers plus more waiting to go... hmm, what to read next!