Recommendation - Gucci Soho or Marmont small matelasse (or YSL Lou...?)

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  1. Hello,

    I'm looking for a new cross-body that I can use for everyday and well as travel. I am debating between the Gucci Soho or Marmont small camera bag (I want something with a zipper closure, and enough to fit daily/travel basics). I will get in in black.

    The Marmont feels more versatile in that I could wear it out to dinner, and I think it's "prettier" than the Soho, however, I feel it might to be "fancy" for everyday, and travel (e.g., family trip with small children). On the other hand, is the Soho to bland?

    Any thoughts or suggestions out there? Also open to other options (I considered the YSL Lou Camera Bag, but it has some bad reviews on quality, and I am 5"1, I have heard that the strap on its shortest setting is still quite long....).

    Thank you!
  2. I’m 5ft 1 and have the black GUCCI Marmont camera bag and love it! I like that you can flip it so either the gold logo is showing or the plain black leather GGs. I can fit my Wallet and a small umbrella and lots of other things. I don’t think it’s too fancy for everyday. The GUCCI soho is on my list as well. IMG_1390.JPG
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  3. I also want to add it’s very durable! My 80lb lab mix was stepping on it and it’s fine! Lol! IMG_4640.JPG
  4. I am debating the exact same thing!!!! I think I'm going the black disco because I already have the marmont mini flap.
  5. Soho. I’m personally not a Marmont fan
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  6. The Soho or YSL Matelassé Lou would be my choice although the Lou strap may be too long for you. Soho.
  7. I vote for the small marmont! i just got this bag and it is sooo comfortable to wear! Plus you can wear the bag with metal hardware GG side or the back side GG which is has a more discrete/casual whichever you choose. I like having the option to choose which side i want facing outward. It holds quite a bit since it has a wide opening. strap is also adjustable (i'm 5'2" and found the perfect length). Soho seems a little too casual and dated to me.
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  8. I had the same debate a few months ago and decided on the YSL and LOVE it! It holds so much and it very versatile. I’m also a hardware gal which prioritized this over the soho for me. Also ysl is much roomier compared to marmont. I always bring my small canon camera around so that was important so hold along with large iPhone, makeup, etc.

    I hate to add another to the mix but did you see the Gucci Dionysus mini? I just purchased this and also in love! - similar can dress up or down! IMG_6590.JPG IMG_6094.JPG

    Good luck with your decision!
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  9. I own both gucci SoHo disco in black and beige. I have had both for many years now. I’m attaching a picture of the black one up close so you can take a look. The bag is in tact. The leather is holding up really well. I also have the Lou lou and I don’t think the leather is as good as the Gucci disco. I really liked the marmont in in small size but I wasn’t confident that the leather would be good five years from now. I read people say that it creases a lot at the top near the zipper

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  10. I just love the Gucci soho disco bag. I have it in black studded and a gorgeous red. But if your heart is leaning towards the Marmont. I would go for it. Good luck.
  11. I agree with JPgal, go for what you really want. But if I had to choose one it would be the soho. Love mine!
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  12. Ladies - thanks to you all for your replies and photos! So helpful. I ended up buying all 3 online (since we don't have all in-store where I live) and will try each one on at home and then decide. I keep flipping back and forth....
  13. Let us know what you decide.
  14. I have the small Marmont and totally agree that it can be dressed up and is great to use for dinners. Love mine!!
  15. I just own the Gucci marmont mini camera bag in black, but I love it! So, I am a bit biased I would say go for the Marmont small camera bag.
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