Recommendation - Gucci Soho or Marmont small matelasse (or YSL Lou...?)

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  1. Get both!! Lol. I have both - the Marmont in black and the disco in beige. I will say that the Marmont seems to pull an outfit together very easily. The disco is definitely more of a casual vibe but I think it will be very nice for summer. I think the Marmont fits my stuff a bit better than the disco since it is longer. If I had to pick, I’d probably pick the Marmont just because it is a little more versatile since it can go day to night. I love them both, however, and I don’t think you could go wrong with either choice.
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  2. And because why not add photos to this thread, here are my bags. IMG_0337.JPG
  3. Love your disco in beige! Have you had any issues with color transfer? That’s the only thing holding me back from getting one!
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  4. Thanks! Regarding color transfer - not yet but to be honest, I switch out bags so often that they don’t get a lot of wear. However, I made sure to spray it several times with the Collonil carbon spray before using it, so I don’t expect to get any color transfer.
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  5. I also have rose beige and have had it for many years. No issues.
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  6. I have both and I prefer the soho disco. It’s definitely more of an everyday bag and I personally find the leather to be more durable than the marmont. However, the marmont does work to dress up any type of outfit. It depends what you’re looking to use it for!
  7. Thanks ladies!! So I have all 3 now and trying to decide... I like the soho because the pebble leather seems more durable (travelling with kids under 3) and the strap length is the best of the 3. But both marmont and YSL are just a little less casual... please let me know your thoughts!!!! (And maybe keeping both is the best option...! Good point on soho for summer...)

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  8. Also I have a Tory Burch that is a bit similar to the marmont in style...
  9. Photos...

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  10. Disco
  11. Hi,
    I've had the Gucci Marmont camera bag (in black) for over a year now and it's one of the best bag decisions/purchases I've made. It's so versatile, day to night/ weekday to weekend. It stands out a lot when combined with the Gucci belt (same GG logo) and pulls any outfit together. When you don't want to be as flashy, you can flip over the other side and stylish and casual. I'm also a hardware gal so I really enjoy the front & back logos. I almost want to get the smaller marmont in the porcelain rose - it's that worth it! :angel:

    The SOHO is a classic, but almost too basic for my taste. I've talked to many Gucci SAs and the color transfer in the Camelia (light brown) is inevitable with light leather bags and dark wash jeans. If you plan on using it a lot, you'll see the transfer eventually. The SAs did not recommend spraying the leather with any protectors because it would ruin the finish/shine of the bag. The black SOHO again does not stand out enough for a bag in that price range. I think the Tabasco (red) color is absolutely beautiful and the only statement piece in that style.

    YSLs in my opinion stand out best in the WOCs/Envelope styles. Their camera bag is beautiful, but not as eye catching and bulkier than the Gucci.

    Good luck and let us know what you choose :smile:
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  12. I have the Gucci soho in red and I love it! Vote for soho
  13. I still vote for YSL! It’s so classy and holds more than marmont. I love the quilted leather and hardware. I’ve had the same one in black a few months and it’s held up really well. If you are leaning towards black is vote for ysl or Gucci bc of hardware gives it something extra.
    My plan is to get soho as some point but in the beige as feels like more of a casual bag. Other two feel more versatile
  14. THe soho looks the best on you and it’s just the right portion. Soho gets my vote. Am thinking of buying one myself
  15. Thanks everyone! I'm gong with the Soho simply because it will be for travel/everyday and am going to pick up the marmont mini flap as my "cuter" bag. Now just debating leather or the velvet. I love the velvet.....!