real louis vuitton seller on e-bay

  1. it looks like this seller is selling authentic louis bags :yes:

    fleurdelisboutique ( 189)
  2. good to know!

    We should have this handy somewhere!
  3. Thanks for the info! I was thinking about getting the speedy 30 from that seller
  4. anytime gals, i like to share the wealth, ya know ;)

    p.s. i've never bought anything from them though
  5. few of the bags are fake, girl !
  6. 3 bags are fake, one of them I am not sure about
  7. Which ones?
  8. Vernis Reade MM is 100% fake
  9. the Fendi one is fake too
  10. What do you think of her denim pleaty???
    I almost bought something from her before but too be safe would rather buy from MPRS

    there is no picture of the back....:angel:
  12. Her petite noe and Speedy 30 are real.
  13. Everything looks pretty good to me. I looked at the Vernis Reade MM, and everything checks out.
  14. It looks real to me.