Re shippng,

  1. my auction reads
    There will be a 20$ US fee charged for shipping (both Canada and US) and that will include insurance on the bag.
    No item will be shipped without insurance sorry. Full value of the auction will be claimed when filling out paper work for insurance and value of contents.

    the person bids 3 days before the auctions end with no email to me with questions.
    feb 2 the auction ends and i send of a payment request.
    Feb 3rd she emails me asking if we could work something out for shipping since she lives close.
    I reply right away with "Sure,What do you have in mind, and how would you pay?"

    I hear nothing back, on the 5th i sent her a reminder to pay,
    as my auction also states..
    Payment is required within 3 days of auction ending, Item will be shipped once payment has cleared paypal.

    I have heard nothing back from her until today when she paid the full amount and says..
    I sent payment with shipping.. Will you rebate shipping, and i can either pick up the Bag, or It can be dropped off here. Or whatever to save the 20 us shipping.

    here is my thought, why didnt she ask about this before bidding.. or even before the auction ended?

    thoughts ?

  2. also keeping in mind this person isnt new to eBay she has 171 feedback
  3. It would be one thing if she were to pick it up but if you have to drive somewhere to drop it off that takes your time and gas. I would charge something for that.
  4. ^^ do you feel comfy with people coming to your house to pick things up ?
    Yes i understand she has my addy via eBay.
  5. i don't think she make good communication, but i won't mind about the 20$ and she's picking the bag.
    but i'll leave neutral feedback instead of positive
  6. I'd probably leave no feedback at all rather than neutral, which many people really regard as a negative.

    I agree she seems to only communicate when it benefits her (ie can she pick item up etc), but then, what buyer doesn't? You have been paid in full within 4 days of auction end (my longest has been 23 days), which is more than eBay asks for (they say by 7 days of auction end).

    While writing this I have also been thinking about paypal. By picking it up, you won't be able to provide a Delivery Confirmation no. if she files 'item not received' with paypal - so make sure she SIGNS a copy of the auction before you give her the bag, or even take a picture of her with it. Can't be too careful!
  7. ^^ thank you for that thought.. I didnt think about that, i will just over night the package and have a signature on the delievery.

    I dont need any issues.
  8. If she sent the payment through PayPal do not let her pick up the bag, not even if she signs for it in person.
  9. To be honestly, I never like people coming my home and pick-up their items. The last time I did it with local buyer, they make me wait them till 2 hours and never come!
    Tomorrrow morning, the knocked my door and of course, won't to be rude, I've to ask them to sit, give some coffee etc. You know, they spent over 2 hours in my home, check and touch all my LV !! ( my glass wardrobe near the living room ), aaarghhh...

  10. without turning it into a big deal, i agree with that point of view.

    personally, i would ship it as per the auction agreement, b/c there was no sommunication and she didn't follow your three day rule to pay anyhow.

    but, inthe spirit of being a nice ebay seller, i agree with the above. have her meet you soemwhere you go regularly though. so it is not out of your way and she wont know WHERE you live! maybe charge $5 for gas anyway!
  11. see that is the worry i had too, sitting around all day waiting or her to arrive Regardless of where i meet her.
  12. :smile: thanks for your thoughts...
  13. i totally agree w/ Youngbrands.

    seeing that she doesn't really communicate, i wouldn't feel comfortable letting her pick up the bag. i would never personally refund shipping costs and personally deliver either!
  14. At this point, I would just ship the bag to her. She's already paid for the bag plus shipping so I would give her what she's paid for.

    And yes, do NOT deliver or let her pick it up since she's already paid via PayPal. She can very easily claim that the bag was not received. Even if you do get a signature, what a hassle!
  15. thanks all, the bag has been shipped with signature required and she'll have it tomorrow.

    thanks again,