Re-issue sizes: my new 228 and a 2005 226

  1. There have been a lot of questions about the size of the new 228 re-issue, so I asked my dh if we could post pics of my Christmas and birthday gift--a 228--which isn't really mine yet! He agreed--sweet man that he is!

    Here they are--I'm 5'4. The 226 re-issue is the 2005 anniversary edition, and the 228 is the new version. I love them both! When I first saw the 228, I thought it was really huge, and it kind of is, but it's a "day bag" size. I can't wait until Christmas! 56 more days...:sad:

    Yikes--I just noticed there's dog hair on the floor! :shame: I guess that's just part of life at our house!
    228.JPG bag size 1.JPG bag size 2.JPG
  2. Thanks for posting - great to see the bags together for size reference.
    You look great with your 228, it is a big bag. Big and Stunning!!!:drool:
  3. OMG I should be the first to congratulate you on such a bag !I've just found a twin to mine now! ;)hhehe!cONGRATS ON SUCH A RARE FIND and it looks gorgeous on you!:nuts::yahoo:
    I love how it embraces its little sister!

  4. omg spechless !! Il ove them both !!!! have been trying to hunt any Black with GH reissues everywhere with no luck. Could you please tell me where you got them from ?
  5. Omg I LOVE the size of the 228 :drool:
    Pardon my ignorance, but how much more is the 228 as compared to 227?
  6. I both of your reissues!!! I am so glad that you posted a modeling pic with your 228, and it looks gorgeous, and perfect on you. Hum...seems like I am the same size as I guess my 228 will look okay on me :shame:Mine hasn't go anywhere with me yet cuz I worry that it might look a bit too big for me. After seeing your pic, I guess I need to take mine out for a ride one day...loving it toooo much.:love:
  7. wow...great bags...enjoy!!!
  8. Gorgeous gorgeous!!!

    Is the the 228 bigger than a jumbo?
  9. thanks for posting! :smile: they're both very lovely~
  10. cute!!!
  11. Thanks for sharing. You have a great DH! Merry Christmas :smile:
  12. Gorgeous! Black lambskin with gold HW is my favourite combination!
  13. thanks for the pics! you look great too! I've been wondering what the 228 would be like... i have the 226 which i find way too small for my everyday needs, so the 228 looks perfect for me! now if only I could find the money for a 228 Metallic black!
  14. It's big, but in a good way! Looks fabulous!
  15. Love love love your reissues! Especiallythe 226. ;)