Rant! I have the worst mailman ever!!!

  1. Our mailman is so horrid! We have a 'jeep' route meaning the mailboxes are at the curb, so most of the time he doesn't have to get out. But he is suppose to for packages, etc. He never does! And I think he doesn't mail my boxes right away!

    If it is a regular box, he leaves it on the curb or rubber bands it to the box....I am not joking!

    I had an overnight package coming, so I was sitting in the living room, watching for him. My car is in the drive way, as well as our spare car...and I see him filling out the while you were gone tag! So I go out there and he's like...oh, here you have an overnight and a return....Augh!

    This return, I don't think he ever even tried to mail, no markings or anything on it! I know when ever I send a priority and drop in off at the post office it gets there 2 -3, like it should...if I have him take it, it takes longer! What's up with that. Last week small priority box, same city 6 days!

    Yes, I have complained...:cursing: at the post office, doesn't do any good! Thanks for letting me rant! Now, I have to go remail my box :sad:
  2. I know how you feel. My mailman was like this until we complained at the post office. He doesn't get out of his car to drop off packages to my house. He just left a pick up notice. It is so irritating!
  3. that sux....
  4. I would continue to call and complain until the issue gets resolved. :sad: That really sucks.
  5. ^^ ITA.
    A couple of years ago, living in an apartment, we had the sweetest mailman ever! He'd go out of his way to deliver the packages to our door instead of leaving it at the apartment office. I kind of miss that.
    I constantly lose magazine subcriptions now and we have the meanest mailman.
  6. yes! i get annoyed w. my mailman, too! except i live in an apartment complex, and instead of putting it in the oversized parcel box and putting the key in my box or even going and leaving the package at the apartment office, i get the "your package is at the post office" slip.

    i thought maybe the package boxes are all full, but i asked him last month and he says he "doesn't trust college kids with the keys" and "it's safer for me to pick it up at the post office." gah! it irritates me bc i don't have the time to stand in line with 10 other people the few hours a day the post office is open when i'm not busy when i just need a BOX.

    grrrrrrrrr. and don't even get me started on how he stuffs things in our mailbox. rar. ranting over.
  7. Lol. i cant even imagine callin to complain b/c if he gets reprimanded, he might screw up your mail on purpose!!

    I try to keep a good relationship with my mail man even tho he stuffs some packages in my tiny box b/c he's too lazy to climb up the stairs. :p
  8. That is uncalled for that he doesn't even get out to see if your home. I would call the post office and complain! Our mailman gets out and comes up the porch if he has something that won't fit in the box and rings the doorbell!

    Sorry about calling and complaining..we had a postal worker that wasn't delivering people's mail properly. Enough calls were made and when they checked his postal jeep out they found all this old mail in there.
  9. I had the same problem a few years ago and everytime our mail lady did this I complained. She actually had the nerve to say she had a bad back and the packages were to heavy to carry up the steps. It took over 10 complaints but eventually she started using the intercom and walking up 15 steps rather than just dropping the slip in the box.
  10. I think mail people are creative in the way they stuff the box..

    I dont know how they did it but somehow a HARDCOVER You on a Diet book that I ordered was stuffed into my tiny little box.. :wtf:
  11. You have my sympathy.

    I got so fed up I rented a mailbox at the local MailBoxesEtc store. I have packages delivered there.

    I drop off packages at the post office. They have a cool machine like an atm that has a weight scale and takes credit/atm cards for payment. The machine prints out a "stamp" for me. The machine is accessible 24/7. Love it.
  12. that book is mighty large, so that's quite impressive. do you think they take a course on how to do that? :p
  13. Have you talked about this with your neighbors? Maybe if you all get together and file a complaint, the post office will pay attention!
  14. Oh my..my mail person (I honestly don't know if it's a male or female because I never seen them) is HORRIBLE. The lady we used to have actually THREW boxes on the porch..one box was the Gail Pittman mugs I got my mom for Christmas a year ago, then the other was my Hello Kitty tv. My mom got SO mad about that one since that was my Christmas gift then also.
    Anyway now, we have the grouped mailboxes at the exit of the neighborhood and if there's a box that's insured, the mail person just fills out the "we missed you" slip and puts it in the mailbox-they don't even check to see if we're home at all!
    And besides that, the cover of my Marie Claire is ALWAYS either bent or torn..it drives me NUTS.
    Complaints don't seem to do any good here either, and I know just about every one of my neighbors has complained.
  15. Thanks everyone for the sympathy...I think I am going to complain again...and good idea talking to the neighbors.