Rant for Martha at saks boca, but found a great person at saks naples

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  1. So i had pre sold a black jumbo with gold hardware on monday from martha at saks in boca (1st time using her, i usually shop with delyse but i woke up this morning and decided i also wanted a white jumbo with s/h..i called up martha asking her if she could hold my gc (not send it with my black jumbo to ny) and purchase a white jumbo from her store and apply it after the event...well to my shocker, she told me she never even pre sold my black jumbo and that she didnt have anymore- needless to say i was beyond frustrated and I managed to find both bags in saks of naples and a wonderful sales lady named Rose managed to help me with everything....sorry this is so long i just figured that everyone should just make sure to double check that all their hard work in pre selling and searching for the bag can go to waste....
  2. Gee good thing you checked that out, did this SA even call you at all?
  3. Wow, good thing you checked. I am glad you were able to find what you wanted.
  4. Whew! I'm glad everything turned out OK! congrats
  5. nope never even called,, if i didnt wake up in the morning saying what the heck i want a white jumbo i would never have bothered to call and just wouldnt have gotten the bag and missed out on the days events....
  6. Wow! I was calling around looking for a bag too and stumbled upon Rose too! Sooo sweet and patient! Loved her! I bought something from her today too. Can't wait to get it. Thumbs up for Rose. I'm glad we both found her, and I'm glad you checked on your order and not missed out on your black jumbo!
  7. thats really funny that you also stumbled upon her..she really seemed sweet and genuinely there to help out and work with the customer....ill be calling her again!