Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag

  1. Classic or no?

    Considering getting this for my mom.... (Late 40s.)

    I really love this bag. When I first saw it I thought it would make a great overnight bag (if larger).... I really like the alligator version but I have other presents to buy!

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]




    The Ricky Calfskin Bag
    Price: $3000.00

    • Inspired by a vintage Cooper saddle carrier, our bag is crafted in luxury French baranil calf and finished with custom Italian hardware.
    • Leather-lined interior with snap and zip side pockets. 13" x 10 1/4" x 7". Made in Italy.
  2. Oops! Sorry, I posted in the wrong forum. Mods, will you please move? Thanks. :flowers:
  3. This one is gorgeous!


  4. Love it! I don't know anything about RL bags, but from the picture I'd say your mom would be thrilled!
  5. I LOVE the Ricky bag. I think they're so classic and stylish. The snob in me wonders if I would be happy with such an expensive purse from Ralph Lauren, though...
  6. :yes: , me too......
  7. Very pretty, just concerned about the quality...
  8. I've always liked that bag, but I think it is overpriced.
  9. Ok - I'm a mom - 48 years old - I just saw that bag IRL in the Cognac (which is like a British tan - it is absolutely gorgeous! The quality is breathtaking. It is an absolutely beautiful bag. The one I was looking at was about $2,000.00 - It is just one of the prettiest bags I've seen. You couldn't go wrong with this bag.
  10. I think it is gorgeous!
  11. I was just on their website and it's gorgeous - although it's going to be a few years before I can afford the $14,000 price tag:smile:
  12. Love it, nice classic tote!!!
  13. 47 y.o., and love this bag. Have ever since I first saw it. :yes:

    Wish I could afford it myself!
  14. I like it.
  15. I've honestly never seen that bag before, but its beautiful. I think your mom would be thrilled. So classy.
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