QUICK! vacation help

  1. okay I am packing for an early morning flight....to DESTIN FL!

    what should I bring?

    I am leaving my birkins and kellys......but should I bring my massai???

    what about scarves? Its going to be hot...but I thought I can do them in my hair.

    will I worry...heat plus sand?

    ugh! this is my first time thinking of bringing Hermes on a trip...I normally leave it at home.

    but the guy we are visiting ( we is my husband and I) has a new girlfriend with blond hair and BIG boobs...so I gotta have something.
  2. Always take some scarves--they extend a travel wardrobe. Take a Bolide if you have a summer color. No black or brown.
  3. LOL!! You have your stylish self, you dont need to compete, GG!!!!!

    massai would be great, and do you have any mousselines?
  4. oh maybe I can STUFF my scarves in my BRA! or swimsuit top. kachinas will do right? a little tribal, sexy glam
  5. twillies!
    lots of sunscreen!
    hermes accessories!
    2 mini beach balls to stuff down your shirt----you'll show up that silicone honey!
  6. oh and a CDC. will bring that. yes...then people will look at that rather than my scarf filled boobs.

    oh scarf as a top. that is always glam. but boobs trump glam. dang it.
  7. okay I am going to sleep and will check in the morning. so fun. next time you will see me I will be a Gucci Crisp. red as a lobster.
  8. Gucci you are too cute! Your fabulous self trumps anything anyday...have fun! take the Massai! :tup:
  9. Massai and some bright scarfs are always a winning-team!
    Have a great time!
  10. Gucci you look so cute in all your photos that I can't imagine that boobs can beat your style!!! Massai is a definite! And a scarf top would be great!
  11. I agree -- your glowing personality will outshine her boobs! Maybe she's nice though and you might like her! Bring the CDC - it's orange and summery and very very cool! Have fun...
  12. My last beach vacation, I just brought a couple of twillies to keep my hair back and some H perfume.
  13. If you can't beat her in the boob department, beat her in the style department. Think chic! Lee Radziwill was considered the prettier of the Bouvier sisters, that is until Jackie smoked her with her wardrobe. Bring a durable leather, some nice heels and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Think Coco Chanel at Deauville. Wide legged trousers with a fitted top, some nice scarves for your hair or your bag or to wear as belts, nice heels (espadrilles this time of year are nice) and tie it all in with your Massai.
  14. Do you know how hot and humid it will be? Have you been before? Plus it can rain.
    I would stick to cotton scarves. I cannot bear silk in the heat. Maybe it is just me.
  15. Hermes scarves as tops would be perfect. And especially for this look, being on the small side is quite elegant.