Questons about Carly.. Is she comfy???

  1. So im new to the coach world, IS the carly purse really comfortable? the Medium one? I want a purse that I can wear with my winter coat, and with regular clothes without falling off my shoulder...

    FYI! Do not get the studded tote if you want a shoulder purse, I bought it yesterday and the strapes are uncomfortable and too skinny :sad: But its so damn gorgeous!

    thanks ladies

  2. well, i put medium carly on w my winter coat (and i m canadian so a real winter coat!) and she felt comfy this morning. just bought her on monday! i was worried this bag would b heavy w all the hardware but not at all.
  3. I have a large Carly and she isn't too heavy or uncomfy for me, which has been the concern of some other ladies.

    I think it honestly depends on how you are with carrying bags...since the studded tote was too skinny for you, you may appreciate the Carly's strap better, it's a little more thick and bootylicious.

    I've found that ergo hobos stay on my shoulder best when I have a lot of layers on, but I love my Carly too and I don't find her falling off of me!
  4. My med Carly stays put and she is one of the lightest of my bags (I won a lot of Legacy bags which tend to be VERY heavy).

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Carly...she's just about the perfect bag! Here she is on me, (but I'm wearing her with my summer t-shirt and my arms are on the slightly larger size, so she would be great with a winter coat!)
  5. i have the med carly and she fits over my coat but she falls off all the time!! :0(
  6. Carly is soo comfy on the hsoulder and the slouch is to die for!
  7. I haven't had to wear Carly with a coat yet (although I will this weekend it looks like) BUT I do have problems with her slipping from time to time. Nothings that bothers me too much though.
  8. I have a large Carly and she isn't too heavy.. so I think a medium Carly will be ok! :tup:

    What color/fabric are you planning on getting?!?! :nuts:
  9. I think the beige/black.. Or just the beige, the black just doesnt seem like it matches very well but i wear black all the time!!! IdK Very torn haha
  10. Khaki/gold would pop against black and you could wear it with brown colors too...:smile:
  11. do you think it will go with black too? I wear a lot of black...... =/

  12. Black is like the only color I wear and it looks great ... but whichever color you get I'm sure it'll be beautiful :heart:
  13. I have the large sig carly and find it heavy when I put all my stuff in. Heavier than most of my other bags with the same items inside. But it sits well on the shoulder.
    I think the medium carly would have a more comfortable weight. Hoping to get one soon!
  14. does the medium carly hold a lot?!
  15. I think it does!