Question to those of you who have Motorola Razrs

  1. My Verizon Wireless plan is up and I'm eligible to get several different kinds of phones for free. The Razr is one of the choices. For those of you who have it... is it a good phone? Reliable? Is there another phone you prefer over it? Any input would be great! Thanks folks. :yes:
  2. I have the pink razr and I really like it. The reception so far is pretty good. Never had a problem with it. But the little screen on the flip part (the outside) gets smudges on it really easily and when I tried to wipe them off it just smeared.
  3. Do you have it for Verizon or a different carrier?
  4. I have Verizon and I have the razr too. Other than your body oils getting on the main scrron and the outer screen, I like it. I got it completely free caus ethe store in the mall I went to has a $50 rebate and I think the credit for a new phone was $100 or so? So I got it for free.
  5. P.S Verizon had no more pink Razr when I went to get mine. Only black and silver so I went with silver.
  6. I have Cingular.
  7. Yeah I'll get it for free as well... with the online order rebate, and the New Every Two rebate, it comes out to $0! :smile: I've broken the antenna off of every phone I've had in the past (not on so a phone without an antenna is definitely one for me! I just was wondering if anything weird happened to those of you who had one... like softwear problems, or bad reception due to the lack of antenna... stuff like that. Thanks KR! :yes:
  8. I think the Verizon and Cingular Razrs are different? I have the Cingular one in black and I love it so far... the reception quality is great :heart:

    ETA - OMG they're giving them for FREE at Verizon?? Why did I pick Cingular?? DARN!
  9. I have the Verizon Orchid Pink Razr and I love it! It gets good reception, takes great pics and videos and has a lot of cool features. I'd say go for it!! PS: If you want the pink and the verizon stores don't have them anymore, try the Verizon store in the Circuit City stores, that's where I snagged mine after they were sold out!
  10. I have a pink razor too! my carrier is actually cingular but the phone itself is one of the best I've had! It's sleek, durable and not too complicated! I love it so much I was thing about getting the new gold special edition Dolce and Gabbana model.:yes:
  11. i have the pink razor, it is ok in terms of function wise though it is a sleek looking phone! it doesn't take good pics because of the low resolution.
  12. I go through TMobile. I bought my razr from a friend who opened up a plan but wanted to keep her unlocked phone so I bought it new for $90 from her. The only thing I dislike about the razr is the lack of antenna. I don't get ANY reception inside my house so I have to keep switching between two cellphones (with my SIM card) just so I can use the cell in my house. The only other downside that I've heard of from friends but not from personal experience is that they are easily broken when dropped unlike many other flipphones. My overall "review" of the razr through my experience... I got mine cheap, big deal... however I am starting to think I overpaid for it. Looking back I should have just stuck with my old Samsung and ignored the peer pressures of getting a razr because it's a fad. *sigh*

    Oh, and like others have said.. it's HARD to keep the screens clean and I always get button imprints on the screen - what a pain! When it comes to cleaning it... forget it.
  13. They run on different kinds of networks.

    I'm going to do it! Thank you ladies for your help. :heart: :yes:
  14. You won't regret it! I have the silver one and my BF has the Magenta, both for Tmobile. It works great. The smudges on the phone do bother me, but sometimes they send a little pillow with it that you can wipe the inside and outside screens.
  15. I must be the lone dissenter, I don't like the way the phone fits my hand, it makes long conversations painful. The keypad is a pain to use & texting is pretty hard to do w/o many corrections. I don't love this phone. My hubby however, does looooove it. but he Is a vainpot so form over function is the norm for him.;)
    try the phone in your hand , & see if you can easily work the keypad before you buy it.