Question re: LV Purchasing Limits


    Before I start a reveal thread with my LV loot (yeah, I got more than one thing, thanks to my very generous parents! :love:), I wanted to ask about LV purchasing limits. When I was hanging out with my parents after everyone opened gifts, my mom mentioned that when she called my SA at the Rodeo Drive boutique, he told her she couldn't purchase anything more from LV; she reached her limit.

    This really surprised me, because my mom had at that point only made two purchases: (a) one from early November at the MOCA boutique (in an amount of approximately $1,400); and (b) one purchase the day before she spoke to my SA at the Hollywood and Highland boutique (in an amount of approximately $1,600). So I guess for her, the limit must be somewhere around $3,000 (spent within the course of approximately six weeks).

    My mom had a very negative response to my SA when she was told this- she was a marketing major at a top business school, and (correctly) thinks that LV's attitude problems are just bad business, particularly when directed at devoted customers.

    So have any of you had experiences with purchasing limits? If so, what are they? How do you get them changed, if at all possible?

    I know beljwl posted on this relatively recently, in response to her discussion with Melissa at the Beverly Center, but otherwise I can't find much on the forum. Thanks so much in advance!
  2. I had read that the Paris flagship store has to limit how many of the new releases some people buy as they know some folks are buying up the stock solely for resale, but this doesn't seem to fit that profile...
    I'm confused.
  3. wow, I've never heard of this!
  4. Sounds strange.
    I did more damage than that ( 3 LE bags) during a single visit and I have NO limit....maybe each store has different policies...???
  5. This is really bizarre...I have never heard of this until now! The Paris boutique policy is understandable. But for the other doesn't make sense to limit a customer's purchases unless the customer was doing something fraudulent or against their policy :confused1: Try having your mom talk to some other stores in the area, or at least another SA or the manager from the same boutique.
  6. Sounds like either the SA/store doesen't like your mum or he's nuts. Limit of purchase is simply not true as a general policy of LV. THere are tons of great examples of that on tPF. :graucho::supacool:
  7. I know that some stores have to place limits on how many bags of a certain style &c one person can buy in a visit, but that was only to try and dissuade people from reselling for profit. :confused1: I can't understand why an SA wouldn't sell to a customer clearly shopping for personal consumption -- or at least give them the benefit of doubt during the holiday season!
  8. Thing is, my SA is really a nice guy- he may well have been lying, but my mom got the impression that a manager was constraining him. Eventually, my mom was able to buy something, but under my dad's name and with his card. I know I've heard of this from the Beverly Center, but I didn't believe it until my mom told me it happened to her.
  9. I've never heard about this before.

    I'm a regular customer at LV store in the Beverly Center. I got a lot of stuff each time I visited and never had a limit on what to get or spend.

    It's indeed wierd. :confused1:
  10. That is weird!!! I've only heard of this when shopping at the flagship store in Paris...?
  11. The only time I've heard of a limit is for certain lines like the Groom and the MOCA items...otherwise I haven't heard of anything like that in the US.
  12. is it possible that your mom bought multiples of one item? that's the only reason i would see why they'd say such a thing (like the paris stores).
  13. The only lmitiation I have ever heard of was back in late 1990's before LV was producing so much product in the U.S. There was a limitation on luxury imports into the U.S. and I went to order an EPI speedy and was told I needed to wait until January to do so because I had already purchased my allotment for the year. I initially thought this was a joke and contacted Lv's upper management and it was then explained to me that because of the retriction on imports, LV was limiting customers to a maximum number of purchases per year so that as many regular customers as possible could be accomodated. I then thought, well I will have my husband buy it for me, but they went further to state per household! If I had known this, I would never had purchased some smaller accessory pieces that year. It was during the next year, the limitation was lifted. So yes, there have been periods of limitations with LV in the past on regular non-LE pieces; however, I am unaware of any current restrictions with the exception of LE pieces and same model purchase limitations.
  14. Can you have your mom talk to the manager to find out what's going on? I'm intrigued.
  15. hmm..this is weird..yah better talk to the manager!
    well what now for those rich people who can afford to buy 10 lv's at the same time?