Question on Returns & Replacements of LV bags bought from a different store...

  1. Can you return or have a bag replaced from a different LV store? I bought mine from another country and want it replaced from a store near our place. Can I do that? The bag is still in its original condition (with plastic, dust bag and even the paper bag!). I'm having second thoughts about it and i feel awkward carrying the bag. I think its the strap and the size. I'm talking about the vernis summit drive in pearl. I want to be able to carry my bag comfortably the whole day so i want it replaced with a different bag instead.
  2. I don't think so. On the US receipts it saids in fine print on the bottom that they'll only take returns from the same country.
  3. Maybe it is specifically for the US but to my knowledge their exchange policy can be done worldwide. I did recently, i.e. bought from one continent and exchanged it in another continent. Should not be a problem for you. :smile:
  4. ^^ I thought so too and I was sent a gift purchased at LV in Europe and was able to exchange it here:yes:
  5. Yes, I was able to do it before. Just make sure to bring your receipt
  6. Once I bought in Sweden and exchanged in Denmark
    My SA told me thir xchange policy is worldwide
  7. Did you exchange the same items or was there a price difference? What did the store do? How long before you had it changed?
  8. Thanks guys! :winkiss:
  9. Thanks again guys!!!:smile:
  10. I think you should be fine....