Question for Melie owners....

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  1. I just received the Melie in the mail today from the LV Boutique and I am in LVOE:loveeyes::love::cloud9:
    My question to the ones that own it already, have you had any issues with this bag...such as corners rubbing or anything else we should know about? It is a really gorgeous bag. Can anyone tell me if it will slouch by itself over time? I am thinking it will since the canvas is a soft canvas. I haven't been impressed with a canvas LV bag in a long time. This bag is made very well in my opinion. Gorgeous all around:smile:
  2. Check out the Melie Clubhouse, I read there have been some wear/rubbing issues.
  3. I have, but just wanted to see if they are few and far between with just a couple of people having issues or if it's a common thing. Also, the ones that have had rubbing issues, did you happen to be one of the first to purchase this bag.....maybe they have corrected the issue?:smile: Here's hoping:P
  4. The pictures on the website certainly does not do this bag justice.
  5. Congrats on your new Melie! It really is a gorgeous bag, and I agree, it is prettier in person. I bought mine in March and - fingers crossed - so far no problems with corners/wear. As far as the slouch, the canvas feels more supple now but I still have to push down the sides to get the slouch going, if that makes sense. I use mine on weekends and not every weekend, so mine is still on the newish side.
  6. I got my Melie on January 1, although it is soft it doesn't "fold/slouch" nicely yet. I am hoping in time it does.
  7. I posted about my issue in your other Melie thread, but I just wanted to comment that I only recently had purchased my Melie and 2 of the corners rubbed off (and I mean completely off) after 5 days. I purchased mine the last week of May. When I took it back to the boutique, the display one had the same problem. They only had 1 other one but I didn't want to chance it.

    Hope you have better luck with yours.
  8. So so excited to get this bag. Tried it on last week and couldn't believe how beautiful it is. The photo online really does not do it justice. I'll be following along and hope there's not too many issues with rubbing! Planning on getting her in August!
  9. Oh no....I'm sorry to hear that. I don't blame you for not wanting to chance that again. It sounds as if you know very soon if the corners will rub or not. Did LV give you any problems returning?

  10. Well, they really tried to get me to take the other Melie and basically wait and see with it, but I said no. I ended up exchanging for a different bag. They did say however that they are typically not supposed to do that, but to send it in straight to the repairs department and let them look at it and determine if it's truly a defect or simply wear and tear. I think that since such little time had passed, it was hard to believe that it was anything other than a defect. They also said that as far as they could tell, this was not a known issue and that they'd never heard of this problem before. But it seems like at least several others on here have has this problem...maybe we are just getting lemons?
  11. I had an issues with the corners... I purchased my Melie in early March and even with light use (weekends only) by the beginning of May two of the corners had rubbed off. Fortunately, the repairs department deemed my bag as defective and I was able to exchange it for a new Melie bag. The repairs department felt that this was an isolated issue but judging from all the comments here on TPF I'm not confident that it won't happen again. I haven't used her yet because I've been enjoying my Azur Delightful and Neverfull for the summer season and also because I'm hesitant for fear of the same issue with the corners... I would be devastated because I LOVE this bag and she is by far my favorite LV bag!
  12. I'm glad to hear you still love this bag. She is beautiful. Please keep us posted with the wear on your bag. I think I am going to keep it and risk it because of what you just said....she is a really beautiful bag:smile: Also extremely functional for me. Do you find the strap uncomfortable at all? I tend to carry a lot, but think I will simplify a bit when carrying this bag.
  13. I promise to keep everyone posted if there is any wear on my new bag!! As far as the straps go, initially the top strap was a bit uncomfortable but over time it became more comfortable with use... I find the long strap to be very comfortable and use the two interchangeably. I keep both straps on my bag at all times to ensure even patina. You are going to LOVE this bag!! Enjoy!;)
  14. I noticed 2 of my corners looked faded after I read about the problem. For the first time ever, I decided not to care about it. It will probably haunt me later when I want to sell it ( I have accepted that fact that i like to buy, wear, then sell, then buy a new bag!) But, I'm going to wear the bag and not worry about it for now. I sold my Pochette Metis b/c mine started to show the signs of cracking and i don't regret that b/c it was right on top, but this is on the bottom and no one will know it's faded but me. I also just retuned two Mon Mono pieces b/c the blue paint was chipping within 2 weeks. They told me not to get the same colors b/c it would happen again, but that light blue was all I wanted. I guess the fading on the bottom seems like a small deal now that I've dealt with the other problems!!!! lol!!!:P
  15. So just so I am understanding this correctly, are you saying the corners were just "fading" and not cracking or damaging the canvas beyond repair? If this is it, I could live with this....but cracking of canvas or anything else that involves non repairable issues, I don't want to even think about....Thanks for the reply:P
    The more I look at this bag, the more I think it is SO beautiful:smile: