Question for Birkin owners...

  1. Okay, I've been thinking about selling a bunch of my high end bags except for 2 that I cannot part with and buying a 35cm black birkin (if I can find one:shame: )
    My question you think the 35cm is good for an everyday bag? If I sell my other bags it'll most likely be my most used bag. Do you find the birkin to be comfortable when you carry it? Do you ever get tired of using it?
    Thanks for any answers!!!:flowers:
  2. I'm all for a black 35 black birkin !

    I'm still hoping to get one :rolleyes:
  3. 35 for me, too!!
  4. It depends how much you carry in your bag. 35cm can be a bit heavy.

    I have a 30cm black Birkin and I love it! I wasn't sure about black when I first bought it, but now I'm glad that I did since it's very versatile and I can use it everywhere. It's also easy when travelling. I can fit a lot of stuff on my 30cm.
  5. I think it sounds like a super idea to sell off some bags and buy a birkin.

    Beware a 35 is heavy! We have had this talk several times on the forum, just do a search and read about it. The one positive is that the 35 has that "true look" of a birkin.

    A 30 is lovely, but much smaller IMO. It is also heavier than it appears, but considerably lighter than a 35. I feel it is more of a purse than a tote.

    I wish you all the best!!! Have fun on your hunt.
  6. :yes:

    I agree, KB.
  7. I'm there with you, GF.

    The 30 is dinky-cute but not for everyday use. I can't imagine how I'd fit all my necessities in there and not have it bulging in an unseemly manner.
  8. i carry a black birkin 35 chevre to work everyday. it can get quite heavy sometimes but i love it!
  9. Oh, I want a black chevre 35cm birkin with gold hardware !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: God knows how long I have to wait !!!

    I want to buy a hippo for it :yahoo:
  10. I don't have a 35cm Birkin, but I have a 32cm HAC (pre-Birkin):confused1: . I tried the 35cm Birkin, and I have to say when I saw it in person I was surprised I didn't like it as much FOR ME.

    IMO, I just think you should try and hopefully get to see the bag in person before you really buy it. I think if I get a Birkin, I'm leaning toward a 30cm or a DIFFERENT COLOR in a 35cm for me, but something dark and close to being BLACK.....but what do I know, theses WOMEN HERE KNOW SO MUCH MORE!!:yes:

    Good Luck!:heart:

    p.s. Don't sell everything, b/c the Birkin is an arm/hand might miss some of the shoulder bags??
  11. Today i carried for work my GP same size as my 35 birkin.
    It was very pleasant,not heavy at all,i could put it on my shoulders...
    But if you dont carry too much the 35 black is an excellent choice!!!!
  12. I have to be honest with you i have a few bikins in 35 and i use them everyday...and i have to admit that i fill them to the brim and they are heavy but i am willing to put up with it cause i love them so much......:heart:
  13. ^^Ditto to what BG said. My 35cm's packed and heavy, but I've built up resistance in my arm by now. I can still fit almost everything in my 30cm too, but depending on your height and frame, if it's your first Birkin you may want to go with the 35cm first for the classic Birkin look. A black 35cm in Togo was my first Birkin, and it's gotten a lot of use over the years, and it truly is a workhorse bag.
  14. I have a 30 and love it! It suits my needs. I try not to carry too much around these days and if I need to, I just expand the gussets, leave the straps flapping in the breeze. It really depends on how much you carry and what size you're comfortable with, (as well as weight). I saw a 35 croc in my store and size-wise, it's just too big for me.

    Wherever possible (if you happen to pass a store and see one just sitting there on a shelf!), go and ask to have a look, try it on for size and feel.
  15. I have two 35cms and I love them for toting my stuff. They hold a ton of my stuff. I could not do a 30cm but many women would never do a 35cm.

    You should go into your nearest Hermes and look through the leather book and try a few of the bags they have in the different leathers. Even if they don't have any birkins, you can atleast get a good idea of size.