Question? Do you wear your wedding ring on the outside or inside?

  1. Hey ladies,

    I know that most women wear their wedding band with their engagement ring over top on their fingers, but have you ever seen someone wear their wedding band on top of the engagement ring?

    Does it really matter? Does one way look better than the other?
  2. Traditionally, you are supposed to wear the wedding band on the bottom so that it's closer to your heart.

    I've never seen anyone wear their rings with the wedding band on top.
  3. An ex-friend of mine actually ran off with her fiance and got married the day before her "real" wedding, wanted to make the time their own. She didn't have her wedding band with her, so she used her engagement ring as a stand-in, and then always wore it before her band...
  4. I wore my set "upside down" for the first few months we were married. (engagement ring first, then wedding band) I didn't have a choice, my wedding band was sized one size too small, so it basically anchored my engagement ring. Once I got it sized correctly, I wore them the "right" way.

    A little off topic, though - all you European ladies, is it true that you wear your wedding bands on your right hand?
  5. Wedding ring bottom- close to my heart
    Engagement on top..
  6. do your engagement rings fit nice & snug on your fingers, or is it a tiny bit loose?

    mine is a tiny tiny bit loose... it doesn't fall off my finger, but it's not as snug as I would like it to be... sometimes, the ring tips to the side, so the diamond is not center on my finger anymore, & that bothers me... lol

    Maybe I'm just queer... =P

    If I get the engagement ring adjusted, it will leave behind a "scar" on the ring...

    people have suggested I just wear the wedding band over the engagement ring to hold it in place...

    what do you think?
  7. If the spinning of your ring bothers you more than a scar would, I think you should resize it. I don't like it when my diamond isn't in the middle of my finger, either. Besides, you are bound to resize it eventually, what with changes in weight as we get older and/or pregnant.

    What metal is the shank on your ring? If it's platinum, I don't think you will be able to see the resizing at all. With white gold you can ask your jeweller to put a fresh coat of rhodium on the ring to cover up the mark.
  8. That's what my mom said! She says that as I get older, or if I get pregnant, my finger will probably grow with the rest of my body, & by then, the ring won't be loose anymore, so I should keep the ring as is...

    hmm... I don't know... it'd just be so much better if the ring was a little more snug right now... my jeweller even agreed to adjust the ring for me for no extra charge!

    but what if I do it, & then one day, the ring doesn't fit anymore because I grew? loool

    get a new ring setting all together? heh
  9. ^Now there's an idea.

    If you reeeally don't want to resize this ring, I was reading about this thing in a magazine called "Ring Guard." It comes in a white plastic tube and you squeeze out a gel on to the inside of your ring, then it dries. That makes your ring fit more snugly, and later you can just peel the dried stuff right off without damaging the ring! You can Google "Ring Guard," if you have this month's LouLou that's where I saw it in.
  10. Hey... that sounds like an excellent idea! I will find out more about this Ring Guard...

    Thanks so much!
  11. You're welcome, I'm not sure where to get it in Canada but this is what it looks like: 11100 Ring Guard Solution

    Although if it was featured in LouLou, it must be available in Canada SOMEWHERE...
  12. I think you can probably get them off eBay!!!
    Thanks so much! You've been most helpful!
    I don't have to stress about the ring being loose anymore! =)
  13. I have the same problem as you too. This is what you can do until your ring guard gets there.

    1.Take a piece of waterproof first aid tape
    CVS Online Pharmacy Store

    2. cut it long enough for the circumference of your ring and then cut it to the width of your ring.

    3. Tape it to the inside of your ring and you are done.

    My rings was not lose enough to resize but the diamond was moving back and forth.
  14. Someone told me that you wear your engagement on your right hand and when you actually get married, you move it to your left. I'm not married or engaged but any truth to that one??
  15. i wear mine wedding band first, then engagement ring. my stepmom wears hers engagement ring then wedding band though. i've never asked her why she does it that way....never even thought about it really. huh.