Question about Piano, please help!

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  1. Hi, I recently got my first LV bag, a piano, from
    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - cabas piano , louis vuitton , louis vuitton cabas pia
    The bag looks very nice but one side of it is not perfectly lined up. One side of it is perfectly line up, but the other side is like 1-2mm off. I like the bag but this bothers me. I can make an exchange or return but I have to ship it back which is a pain. Is it supposed to be strictly aligned or I am just caring too much?
  2. not all the pic's on elux are the actually bag.
  3. It has nothing to do with the picture though... I am just wondering if the sides are supposed to strictly lined up or not? It really bothers me but I might just be silly.
  4. hope this helps
    IMG_2014.jpg IMG_2004.jpg IMG_1997.jpg
  5. OJ...can you post some pics? If it is like bagfetish's, then I think its perfect, though.
  6. Thanks for the picture, Bag Fetish.

    SmallFry, I have taken some pictures of my bag, but I don't know how to post picture here... Can someone teach me?
  7. Ok, let's try
  8. the patterns will not line up exactly on the sides because the bottom of the bag is wider than the top. the canvas has to spread out as it gets toward the bottom.
    do you have a pic of the other side to compare?
    by the way, congrats... great bag!
  9. It doesn't seem so bad in the picture. But if you see it in person, especially compare it to the other perfectly aligned side, it's definitely noticable. The good side looks just like Bag Fetish's, here's the pic
  10. I see what you mean.
    I have never looked at mine close enough so I don't know if mine's like that.
    But I do see the difference. I don't know if that would drive me crazy or not.
    I should check mine now~!
  11. Thanks Verdana. I love the bag, it's just this little thing bothers me. The mislining on the seam is not noticable with the bottom two star, but the gap gets bigger as it goes up, and the top 1 star looks like this
    Sorry for the fuzzy pic
  12. That is the way it is supposed to be. I guess if its going to bother you its not the bag for you. But on that note each bag is going to have its so called flaw :shrugs:
  13. All of a sudden, I can't edit any more.:confused1:
  14. When I buy LV, I make sure that the symmetry is near perfect (my only pickiness lol)! I hate uneven symmetry so to me, I find that the alignment in yours is VERY BAD!!!!!! I would return/exchange it.
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