Quality is so bad for new black caviar

  1. This is mine. 15 series. Seems fine to me.

  2. ^ mine looks like yours, bought last month from new shipment and I'm happy with it. Maybe there are different batches. :thinking:
  3. Maybe :smile: I hope it's not an across the board type thing
  4. Yours look really nice. I wonder why it's different than the one I saw. Yours are darker and more shiny :thinking:
  5. Thank you :smile: We really need photos of these bad batches lol
  6. I have photos but really hard to see difference. Will try to post pix soon
  7. I have a black timeless WOC and I did notice that the black caviar looks grayish compared to my PST in black. I thought it was a bit strange, and had actually thought that might be because it's not polished properly or not "oily/glossy" enough. but after reading this thread i'm abit worried mine might be a bad batch too :sad:
  8. Omg, I have noticed the same thing with GSTs and the SAs think I'm crazy. I have been trying to get a normal black GST for a while. The first picture shows the newer caviar, which is much duller and less puffy. The second picture shows the older caviar which is beautiful and puffy!


  9. Yeah, this is exactly what I saw the bag in person. The color is exactly the same as first pic!
  10. This is exactly what my maxi looks like! I'm going to try and exchange it today.
  11. here's how my black caviar woc compares with my black samsonite briefcase. the shade of the woc is really quite dull and greyish :sad:

  12. Oh wow I see what you mean! :/ mine looks dull under fluorescent lights at work but it's still super shiny like omg. The non shiny lines that run inbetween are what's dull. However it is super puffy :smile: maybe it will darken with age and oils from your hands ?




  13. Got mine m/l last week the leather looks good to me, and it's pretty puffy looking but this is my first so I don't know how it compares to older versions. What do you think?


  14. ^ nadiamo, yours looks gorgeous :love:
  15. Thanks coleab5 for the pictures. I can see now what you mean. The first one looks so dull. I would mistake it for aged grey not black. I double check mine m/l...it looks similar to LadyEnoki's. The dull, not-so-black thing maybe from a bad batch. It shouldn't happen though. Is it made in italy or france?