Purple or Tabac Sienna First - which one should I get

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  1. I must make a very fast decision within 48 hours. I'm in love with both purple and the tabac (golden honey brown) FIRST.

    Purple will be off ebay and looks pre-owned but is my favourite colour. The brown one is brand new from the store and is probably more practical in terms of matching with my clothing.

    I wish I was rich so I can get both but not at the same time. Give me your opinion on which colour and why? Thanks!
  2. I would go for tabac. I mean if it fits your wardrobe much better I'd go with that...so that way you can get tons of use out of the bag.
  3. I would go for the Tabac now ... you can always wait until fall and try for the Sapphire which seems very similar to the Violet. Good luck in your decision!
  4. Where can I go to view the new Fall colours coming out? I heard that there will be Amethyst as well.
  5. Another vote for Sienna! I just love this color!! The Amethyst color will be very similar to 05 Magenta. :yes:
  6. For me, I'd choose Sienna over Violet just because it's a color I can wear better, but that's me. ;) You say Violet is your favorite color so I vote for Violet because I think you should always try to go with what you really like. Since Violet was just 1 season ago (and I think a similar color will be here for F/W), maybe you might want to wait a while (either for the new F/W '08 color or a mint '07 Violet)?

    Good luck! :yes:
  7. another vote for sienna. it fits better with your wardrobe and like others mentioned there will be a purple in fall, why not wait for the new purple?
  8. Thanks all for letting me know that there will be new purple shades coming out this fall. I was leaning towards Tabac as well just because I know I will get more use of it. I just needed convincing.
  9. I have both colors, and I have to say i wear my Violet almost all the time. I get soooo many compliments on it. It does seem to go more with my wardrobe now. I love my Sienna, don't get me wrong, it's a classic. I just don't seem to think of it as often. You could wait for fall for the new purple, unless you have to have it this spring and summer!
    Good luck and let us know:tup:
  10. I'm partial to Violet because it's my fave color ... I have it in First too, but I agree with the others, get the Sienna for now and wait for the new colors coming out.
  11. Sienna, I've been pineing for one since it came out. It's a GEORGEOUS colour.
  12. another vote for sienna and wait for the fall for the new purple
  13. Another vote for the Sienna colour......it´s more practical and you can save up to get the purple later. Good luck!

  14. I vote for Violet because I think the First is a fun style to get in a fun color. I would get the Tabac in a City or Day.

    Also, from what I have seen of Tabac, I would not describe it as a golden honey brown, it looks more reddish-brown to me (the Truffle looks more golden honey brown).
  15. ITA with above posters:
    sienna now, wait for the purple from FW