Purple Crash WTM and Black Crash Hug Me!!!!


Sep 25, 2007
Ok......before I begin, let me just say that Jackie is an ARTIST!!! Her designs are incredible and in my opinion, she has truly out-done herself with her new Fall 08 Collection!!!

The WTM is beyond gorgeous and the color of purple crash is more of a "PLUM" in my opinion.....out of this world beautiful! It's not "too much" nor is it one of those cheap, screaming, tacky metallics that's "in today, out tomorrow". Nope....not this color. I originally thought it would suit a clutch more, but let me tell you....I'm SO happy I ordered the large sized WTM in this color......the more, the better. It's such a unique, elegant, rich color.....I call it my "NEW BLACK"

And the Hug Me in Black Crash is incredible too. As much as Jackie loves the glossy, she :love: this one as much....if not more!! It's so "rocker chic" and although the crash leathers are somewhat stiffer at first, these will puddle down gorgeously in a matter of no time at all.

Off to take pics.....if you really want me too!!

Put it this way.....with the purple crash, I'd order the travel set w/o blinking an eye. Purple Crash really is, the New Black!

Back in a bit! I need a drink and my camera!!!!

Cornflower Blue

Feb 27, 2008
OMG!!! They sound incredible! Get a move on girl, get that wine down you and grab your camera - reveal all! (Not in the biblical sense I might add!)

We're awaiting for your fabulous pics!!!:yahoo:


Mar 29, 2007

First of all, I love your descriptions! You're right about the word 'plum' vs. 'purple.' I see what you mean, and this color is a real head-turner. I can't wait to see more pictures!


Sep 5, 2007
New York
It is so gorgeous in the sunlight. It just looks incredibly rich. Are you going to start wearing it right away or save it for a little later in the fall?