PST or GST or PTT?


PST or GST or PTT?

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  4. Other - suggestion please!

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  1. I really want a Chanel tote and I have these 3 options(all pre-owned) and not sure which one to get.

    1. Chanel PST - price-wise, this is the most affordable one, but I wonder if this would be too small for my needs

    2. Chanel GST - this is the most expensive one, but I like the big size. I'm only 5'0" so I wonder if this would be too big on me?

    3. Chanel PTT - the price for this is in the middle and I like how this one has a zipper on top. With only ~$150 price difference with GST, I'm not sure which one is better.

    Please help me choose!!! I wish they make a combination of these 3 :p

    Thanks all!
  2. i vote for PST.. i dont have one but im 5'2 and i feel like the size would be perfect!
  3. i'm small like you (barely 5') and have the PTT. i think it's most practical. i like the zippered main compartment and the two open side pockets. i put my phone and other commonly used things in the side pockets, but my wallet and valuables are protected.
  4. I vote GST. I am 5'2" and LOVE it!! I would not trade it for anything else - EVER! I like a bigger bag esp. with 2 small kids, PST was too small and I did not like the single compartment with only a snap closure. GST has 3 seperate compartments that keep you totally organized and have a zip for valuables/wallet.
    Not sure about the PTT, that one might be better if you are looking for a smaller bag.
  5. Thanks all!!

    I'm more confused now. LOL. All 3 of you are giving me 3 different answers :p keep em' coming ladies. I'm planning to decide by this weekend :biggrin:
  6. PST - cuz it's the cutest out of the 3
  7. last time I checked the price of the PTT was the same as GST $2150 I think.
  8. PST is really small. It doesn't hold much at all. Plus I find it looks off proportionally to me, and I'm 5'0. It's vertical, and looks too small for a tote and too big for a small bag. Does that make sense?

    I had a PTT and sold it because I found it too deep and made my elbow stick out at a uncomfortable angle. I was so sad because it was actually the '07 red with bijou chain at a great price, but I couldn't keep it because it wasn't very comfortable.

    I love the GST and have quite a few of them. It's very functional, easy to organize if you carry a lot. It's great for work and is also a nice mommy bag.
  9. PTT...the pst is cute but does not hold much and does not zip (snaps shut) and the GST is beautiful but is very heavy and slips off the shoulder. I have had all of them and I love the PTT the most. JMO.
  10. Hands down, the PTT!
  11. Im debating between the ptt and the gst , so thanks for this thread!
  12. How about outdoor-ligne tote? Anyone has one? Comments?
  13. I absolutely love my GST and would not trade it for the world. I love the room and the functionality of the bag. I often put my black WOC inside of it and it carries me from day to evening events. I use this bag practically everyday.

  14. Oops, I voted PST, but actually meant PTT. :heart: the zipper on top.
    Personally I think the GST looks a bit big expecially on a petite person. Sometimes too big of a bag on someone reminds me of diaper bags JMHO.
    How much stuff do you need to carry around ?
  15. luvchnl - I always carry wallet, card case, keycase, sunglasses, makeup bag, cellphones. that's just the minimum, I might carry more, depending where I go :p

    Does anyone know if PTT = Outdoor tote?