Project Codename "Arm Candies"

  1. Thanks Elsie87!!! Love your collection too and your CL collection is TDF!!!
  2. Thanks ladies!!! Appreciate the lovely comments...
  3. Thanks for the lovely comments!!! It's a joy to share my obsession!!!
  4. :nuts: Wow! You have an amazing collection! Beautiful! And the closet looks really good.
  5. the new additions are TO DIE FOR!:love: love your YSLs!
  6. I love that color! Would you say seafoam or greenish gray? Is the yellow a soft yellow with the same colorful closure? Im not a pink person, but I could go for the other two!
  7. Gorgeous collection! :woohoo:
  8. Thanks mga13!!!
  9. Thanks for dropping by!!! It's difficult to find YSLs in my size so whenever they do come in, I go a lil' wild on the spree!!!
  10. I put my name down for the pink but when I saw the green, the pink did not stand a chance!!! I would say closer to greenish turquoise - it's made out of iridescent lambskin so depends on lighting!!! Yes, the yellow comes with the same bejewelled CC!!!
  11. Thanks!!! :biggrin:
  12. Thanks Jazzy222!!! I'm definitely lucky to have scored the patchwork - it got the easiest and fastest seal of approval from DH too!!! ;)
  13. Did you purchase from the Chanel boutique or from a dept. store chanel?
    Sometimes certain bags are exclusive to the boutique. I may have to make a trip which is like 2 hrs. away to the closest NMarcus or Chanel boutique. We have a Saks w/Chanel which is 1 hr. away. Im dying to see this IRL. Vert is my first choice!
  14. Absolutely amazing!!!! Your closet project is deserving of a tv appearance...
  15. Your collection is :drool:

    Big thanks for sharing us the pics!! : )