Project Codename "Arm Candies"

  1. PINK chanel... yummy:heart:
  2. Omg how did I miss this collection. I'm in love with so many of you bags. This is some serious arm and eye candy. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  3. Amazing collection!!!! I love how you store your bags.
  4. Amazing! Love the bags...and the showcase!
  5. Love the pink Chanel! I don't have a Chanel yet, but I am working on it
  6. Any updates? :graucho:
  7. I love your collection of chanel classics. I wish i have that too, id be a really happy happy girl. Post more bags:smile:
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    Beautiful collection!!!
  9. Wow. this is amazing. i think u have the most gorgeous bags collection :smile: i'm so jealous!!
  10. WOW!!! :nuts:
  11. Such a wonderful collection! I especially love the flamme LV!
  12. clever to label your handbags! wish i did that! i use all my boxes as storage :p so much for living in a shoebox...
  13. Your bag closet is awe-inspiring -- so gorgeously organised and I LOVE the labels.
  14. Wow... What can I say....
  15. Your closet is fabulous! The arm candies you have are too die for! Keep 'em coming!