Proenza Schouler PS1 bag

  1. Just got my medium purple rain PS1 from HGbags today!! My first Proenza and I'm in love! :loveeyes:

  2. Ahhh! I am in LOVE with this bag! Please keep us posted on how it ages (I particularly want to see how the color holds up for this bag)!
  3. This is gorgeous!! Such a vivid and beautiful color! What App did you use to take that pic w/the effects? :flowers:
  4. Gorgeous color! Enjoy!
  5. I got my PS1 from Erica too, but the medium is Small, for some reason in photos it looks a lot bigger than it does in person:sad:
  6. I definitely will keep you all posted!

    I used picfx!

    Thank you! I definitely will :biggrin:
  7. WOW!:graucho:
  8. great minds. I have the large smoke and my next will be military!
  9. Ooooh congratulations! I saw this bag IRL while in Paris and I must say, the color is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! I decided to think about it first and the next day I came back it was GONE!!!! Now banging my head on the wall for it! So got the lipstick red for consolation prize hahahaaa which is my 2nd choice anyway!

    Have to say pics dont do the color purple rain justice! It's so stunning IRL!!!!
  10. Okay finally using my bag I got from Hgbagsonline, now I love it, was thinking at first the PS1 medium would be too small but now I think it's perfect!
  11. ^Lvgirl71 - It's gorgeous! :heart: Congrats!
  12. Thank you! :smile:
  13. Does anyone have a suede PS1 bag that regrets buying it? I'm considering the suede but don't want something high maintenance.
  14. I have one in Raspberry suede, and I haven't had any regrets what so ever. It's SO gorgeous in suede, and I do not find it high maintenance at all.
  15. Ok I was thinking of getting the hot pink or cobalt blue one!! Thanks:smile: