Proenza Schouler PS1 bag

  1. I'm not sure if there's already a thread for Proenza Schouler's handbag line, but I searched and nothing came up. I love the bags most, but the clutches are quite nice too. Thoughts on the line?

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  2. Love the first and third! (not a fan of exotics) Very excited for their line!!!
  3. I love that color blue on the 1st one! The style of it looks like the Botkier Sasha Duffle.


    I'd want that clutch in the same blue. :drool:
  4. I think they are great.
  5. beautiful!
  6. omg! i think i'm in love!

  7. I really adore the python PS1, but it is way too expensive for me tho. But I really like it, the clutches are very nice too!
  8. What a lovely shade of blue and the leather looks so soft! :heart:

  9. I'm in serious lust. I checking out,default,sc.html?start=0&sz=433 and it jumped right out at me. The more I researched it the more I fell in love. Its gonna be the new anti it bag. I can even see it becoming a mens bag as well.

    Im usually a Balenciaga girl, but this is the other bag I have instantly fallen in love with thru a photo since the paddington.
  10. I have been coveting this bag for some time. Hopefully, Santa will come through for me!
  11. I am in love with the Python :smile:)))))))))))))
  12. I picked up a medium in midnight at Sien in Antwerp on Friday. They had many of the colors and sizes, including a small size that is not available at Barneys. They had small, medium, and large in the style with a shoulder strap, and the small pochette. The python in person was stunning. It's rubberized python, so the scales don't lift up like other python. I am thinking of getting the small version in python next time I go back, if the Euro stays low against the dollar of course!

    If you are traveling to Europe I recommend going to the Sien boutique in Antwerp for this bag since they are the first to have it for sale in Europe. They said Harrod's would have it in London and I think Printemps in Paris, but it is fairly exclusive at the moment. I feel like I got a bargain because the price in Euro was less than the retail price in USD, plus I got VAT back and didn't have to pay US sales tax. And the leather and styling is gorgeous.
  13. OOO me likey...
  14. Love all three! Especially love the bag MK is wearing in the pictures. The python is gorgeous if you don't mind exotics... too bad it's over $4k
    Thanks for sharing!!