process of authenticating in LV boutique

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  1. dumb question, but is there a good way to do this? i'm not looking forward to having the sa's look down their noses at me and say "you want us to do what?" :shame:

    tips please!
  2. Well they dont do that at my louis vuitton store.
  3. mine either....I just hate going in with the "scary" answer that my bag is fake...but all 6 bags I've bought from ebay ARE REAL...they even told me I got a really good deal because they look new or in really good condition...I just walk in and ask then can you please tell me is this was real..I got it as a gift...because if you say ebay/ internet they are going to...assume right away that they are fake...even before you take it out.
  4. ^ you are lucky my mom bought a berberry and it is fake.
  5. I also feel bad that I seem like I'm just out to get a deal if I say straight up that I bought it from the internet.. which I admittedly am out to get though. :shame: Usually I just ask if it's a fake and if so, I'd like to know since I wouldn't want to carry it in that case.
  6. I took a bag into the San Jose, CA LV store, they couldn't have been nicer! I was honest, and said I purchased it off of ebay, and I though I was pretty sure it was authentic, wanted to make sure. 2 SAs looked at it (it was slow day), and they commented how nice it was to tell someone 'yes, it is real', as they frequently have to give the bad news that an item is fake. I was actually surprised by how nice they were. No attitude at all, even before I showed them the bag.
  7. I did this too and it was easy and fine! she was very nice, and looked into the bags for serial no.s etc, and said "yes, they're ours".

    so just go in and be polite and gracious, and it shouldn't be a problem.
  8. holly, PLEASE take your ebay link out of your signature. i sent you a message about it 15 minutes ago.
  9. I went almost a month ago to a new LV boutique (not my usual one) because i wanted to buy the Perfo wallet and the MC Wapity.So,since i was going,i took my Cerise Sac Plat with me in a shopper .Once i choosed my purchases,before paying for them,i asked this lovely SA if she could take a look on it for me.When i took the Sac Plat out of the shopper she was soooo excited!! Anyway she confirmed the authenticity at first sight and was very very polite and nice.:shame:
    I think it mostly depend on how they are as people,you could find a nice SA or a rude one.... i must admit i never found one who wasn't kind,so maybe i must have been lucky!! Hope you will be too!!It could be a nice experience!!:biggrin:
    Furthermore i'd rather get an unkind answer than keep the doubt about the authenticity in my mind!! JMO,hope it helps!:P
  10. Nice to know that these are all good expereinces. Now I won't be scared to do that next time if I do win one on eBay and want to make sure.
  11. I agreed with most of you. I can't stand the way how they looked at you when you showed up with bags for them to do you a favor. I suppose if you are well familiar with LV and have enough knowledge about it, then I don't see why you should let them authenticate it for you. Unless it's a discontinued or even vintage pieces, then maybe I will drag myself to the boutique and show it to them.

    Also, not all SA/managers are as knowledgable as you might expected them to be.

  12. I agree with you...i'd feel very unconfortable too :sick:
    But unfortunately it does happen to be unfamiliar with a particular model or style and to need a second opinion... in this case i prefer to take the chance rather than keep doubting.:sad: Yes, a SA or a manager can be wrong too(even if they are supposed not to)...but i prefer to try anyway.:P
  13. The only time I ever had to do it, I told them that the bag was recently passed down to me, and I wanted to double-check on authenticity.
  14. So does that mean SAs have to go thru a lot of training to learn a/b LV? B/c they just look at the bag like how we look at the bag, and they have the "power" to say that the bag is authentic?
  15. I am wondering the same thing VuittonGirl. One of my mom's friends bought a fake from chinatown and was convinced that it looked real. She took it into LV and they authenticated it for her (or so she says). Now she has my mom convinced that there are some real ones mixed in with the bunch in places like chinatown and as much as I try telling my mom they are ALL fake, she still believes her friend. Is it possible that a SA made a mistake ?