Priority Mail International

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I need some help. I sold a pair of shoes on ebay to a girl in Germany. I shipped them Priority Mail International and printed the shipping label via paypal. I filled out all of the necessary customs forms online and brought the package to the post office to drop off. I'm a little concerned because when I put the tracking number into the USPS website it says there is no record of this item. Should I be concerned? I have my copy of the customs forms, but have no idea what I should do. I mailed it out last Monday.

  2. Unfortunately global priority mail cannot be tracked via the USPS website, just Express mail.
    I know when shipping to the UK from the US you can check the status of an item from the UK post office site, but for Germany I'm not sure.
    Maybe there's an expert around to chime in.
  3. I have the same problem! They told me I could track it online to have delivery confirmation...but it won't work.
    I am beyond frustrated with USPS and their international mail services right now.
  4. Did you phone them up? Maybe there's a different site you can track on? :smile:
  5. Just an FYI, USPS Global Priority will NOT qualify you for Paypal's seller protection policy.

    I would probably call the PO and ask them to track it for you over the phone.
  6. I thought that with the recent changes they had made Global Priority trackable online?
  7. When I shipped a dress to a friend in Germany via USPS Global priority mail, I could not track it online. I did insure it through USPS, but they said that the item could not be tracked.

    Have you contacted the buyer? Maybe that's not a good idea...If you haven't heard from them, then maybe it is OK.
  8. Unfortunately USPS doesn't update information until package is delivered. I'm looking into UPS as primary shipper after reading on another thread that they do a much better job. Don't worry. It will get there.
  9. I think there may be some confusion here.

    You are talking about Royal Mail International Signed for from the UK aren't you?

    Yes this is trackable through USPS but only once the item is out for delivery in the place you sent it to. Firstly it will tell you it is out for delivery and then tell you when it is delivered. Do not panic if the reference doesnt appear at first - as I said it will only appear the day it is due out for delivery. Keep checking every day - thats what I do and eventually it will appear
  10. Yeah, it sucks that you spend all that money to ship overseas and we cant get a tracking for it. I only use Global Express now. And yet they keep raising the rates for US postage....slow service, incompetent clerks, pony express-like shipping, I could go on and on.....
  11. No it's from the US to Germany
  12. I currently have a few items coming from the US to Australia and as cb and ss have stated, they are somtimes scanned when posted and then sometimes scanned when they are delivered.

    It's very unreliable like that but most item do arrive (in my experience anyway).
  13. hi there, I'm located in Germany and have gotten quite a couple of items via USPS Global Priority. Those are not trackable here :nogood: Usually the USPS will give you a status of "your item has been accepten at .... post office" and that's it.

    I'm not sure however if anything has changed about that with the new shipping options :shrugs: I'd give them a call to find out :yes:
  14. Priority Mail USPS International cannot be tracked. You have to use Global Express USPS International in order for the post office to track the package for you. It's about double the cost.
  15. Its retarded, global priority mail costs sooo freakin much and they dont even have the tracking system. Express mail would cost like 50-60 bucks to ship!