Price increase...

  1. Nah... this is not to shock you with another price increase.

    Just want to say that I think it's all relative. I'm sure most of our wages increase as prices of goods (Louis) increase. So basically, it's still the same price!:yes:
  2. i think.. austrailians are finally getting the increase we (in the USA) got a few weeks ago... :yes: yes?
  3. sounds right, but wages don't go up as fast as inflation... they actually kinda go down a little bit... (LOL i'm taking an econ class this semester... i'm actually learning something! tee hee!)
  4. I don't know when or where there are any price increase in Australia... maybe I just don't want to know. Just that if I think the purse is is worth the price, I'll just pay it and not worry about any price increase... I mean, if you like it, pay it if the prices suits the purse (and you)...
  5. yea.. youa re elarnign something there! :yes:
  6. We already had our price increase prices in Australia are a lot higher compared to the rest of the LV world:s
  7. Darn! I didn't know that!
  8. ^ Yeah

    Sometimes I wish we had an Aussie version of Elux or something & plus our tax is high too :sad: . Just remember that our marginal rates of tax is one of the highest in the world :s
  9. darn darn! I wish I didn't post this new thread! So how much higher are the prices in Australia???

  10. That is so the Aus Dollar is not strong against the Euro, Pound or USD:Push:

  11. **lalalalalalalalal**** Don't want to hear... ****lalalalalalaaaa**** Toooo scary!!!! **** alalalalallalaaaa***
  12. Damn, that sucks! Was thinking of visiting you guys in the future too... :Push: I guess I'll just have to buy my bags in the states then.
  13. Is Singapore any cheaper than Australia? Might want to go there for shopping...
  14. yeah, its a bit cheaper in spore than in aussie...
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