Price Increase Update

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  1. The increase in € is almost 8% (@Stansy said the washed silks were 380, that's what I was remembering, too), it's quite high in comparison to the regular silks or the CSGMs...

    Last season the regular silks were almost as expensive as the washed ones (20€ difference/5%) but now it's 40€/10%, that seems like a lot.

    I always loved H-scarves. I do have Birkins that I love, too, but the scarves (the 90s) were a great way of buying nice things regularly without overthinking what I was actually spending. Now I'll be staying away from the washed ones (except for the Dallet which I love).

    Thanks, that's what I was thinking, I just wasn't sure.
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  2. Carré wash price was 390 euros before the increase. I'm very happy to have received one for Christmas because sadly I'm not sure to buy another one at 410 euros.
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  3. I think they have. My SA just informed me that a B30 Togo is now 7550€ (increase of 150€)
  4. Thanks. That is very moderate if one considers recent increase in Chanel.
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  5. Do you know the % of the increase?
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  7. Just went to H today to buy some goodies, and SA said that price increase will happen about two weeks from now (in the U.S.). Just sharing what I was told.
  8. As at jan 10 I confirm that b30 is 7550 euro and c24 is 7700 euro
  9. Thx for the update babe. Praying the modest inc is sim in US.
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  10. thanks for the info... do you know the specifics?
  11. Well it’s the 14th and the shoes look to be the same price on
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  12. She didn't tell me the rate of increase. Hoping that it will be minimal though!
  13. Wait for it...haha. My SA confirmed last night at my inquiry that shoes are increasing today. At first they were shocked and “no, I don’t think so!” but then they went in the back and checked the corporate email and saw that I was right. I bought a pair of sneakers so we were trying to figure out if we needed to do a charge send immediately or could just wait until today to do a normal transfer and package it with the other items I was buying. I wouldn’t be surprised if it updates at 10am New York time.
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  14. Would you be able to confirm that the increase for shoes is indeed 8%? :thinking: Thank you!
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  15. Unfortunately they didn’t tell me the amount since we put my order through immediately to avoid it.
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