Price Increase Update

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  1. I do not think they have been very accurate. From time to time there are posts about price increases, discontinuations, etc, that do not materialize. That said, it would not be surprising to see some USA price increases this year.
  2. What does the "new sales tax" mean? Do you mean with or without H in your state, you'll need to pay the sales tax now?
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  4. Any idea if Europe prices has increased? Particularly on B/K
  5. This!!!!
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  6. My heart skips a beat with each new post on this thread. I’m hoping for my first quota bag and a bolide 31 this year. I cringe at thought of a sizable increase.
  7. This has/will make me think twice about new purchases...not liking this new sales tax to states with no Hermes.
    I will be shopping in my closet where I won’t have to deal with sales tax.:blah:
  8. I hate increases too. But if you look forward at future increases, then this year won’t hurt as much.
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  9. I’m going to slow down too. I’ve got a lot of items I can already enjoy and I know we all do!
  10. The increase was a bit steeper in the UK (up £25, from £350 to £375) 'only' 7.14% (correct me if I'm wrong, I used to be good at maths but I've forgotten nearly everything). That sounds mild percentage wise but about as much as I think the UK market could bear (gift and local especially). Many tourists buy here for (UK) especially to get a good deal after subtracting VAT, if you take that away plus put off the local regulars and 'small' gift buyers (gifts have a lot of compitition at that price point) there would be a severe drop in footfall and sales, London stores are not cheap to run. 2014 prices rose to the point where H had to actually reduce prices 'drastically' subsequently. I am not joking when I say I had practically entire stores to myself in London that year (and even I was buying in France as much as I could = £1K price difference on a bag is not to sniffed at).

    It's my opinion that SAs repeat what's told to them, I don't think they make it up. It may have been the plan to put UK prices higher but head office thought better of it.

    I do feel for US H-lovers, esp when they have to bargain for a further sales tax on top of price rises.

    H can hike B and K prices to the stars, but when clic clacs and twillies are competing for the attention of would-be new clients with other cool and trad. designer brands it's like shooting oneself in the pied.
  11. :biggrin: It’s all about perspective! Yes, this year will be much better than the next.
  12. Those of us that have some fine pieces we can enjoy are indeed the lucky ones. We are the same H-buying gen. (whatever our ages) that were delivered price-rise after price-rise relentlessly even on old stock, often twice a year. I can say (surveying my bags on the piano and swathes of silk on the back of the door) I am content to be content for the present if nothing is 'must have'.
  13. Washed silk was 380€.
  14. They will price themselves out of business if they keep doing this.