Price Increase Update

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  1. well there will be a price increase in Aug/Sept...another 7% and another one in Feb too.

    That means a scarf went from $325 to $355 and to $380 and by next Feb to probably over $400.

    can you believe that!

    A 35cm birkin will have gone from $8,400 in togo to in Feb it went to $9,300 about...and this fall they will be over $10,000 before tax....and then next feb...way over $10,000 without tax.

    this is just getting silly.

    my friend told me 5 years ago birkins were around $6,000 or so and now they will be over 10k this fall.

    Its just getting to be too much.

    Do you think people will start pulling back at these prices?

    Essentially in a matter of a year....from Feb 2008 to Feb 2009...there will be THREE 7-10% price increases.

    give me a break.
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  2. I just got into H, and I'm already being priced out of it. :crybaby: At this rate I'm glad I'm one of the freaks who isn't in love with any of the 90cm scarves from the AW2008 collection (heresy! but it's true).

    Not that I'll ever be big money for Hermes...I mostly like scarves, and even if I buy a handbag someday it probably won't be a Birkin...but I might have to bail for now, and just hope the future earning potential DH and I build up over the next few years will be enough to catch up to prices in the long run. :sad:
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  3. Will the price increase in Aug/Sept be worldwide?
  4. If that happens, my collection will be stopped completely. I can only handle so much, these items are already very expensive to begin with. That increase is ridiculous!
  5. I don't know worldwide. I know in the USA.

    just insulting.
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  6. I know. Its just too much. I can't handle it anymore...and 3 times in a matter of a year. I know the other brands are doing it...but geez.

    I just keep thinking to myself...a birkin will be $10,000 before tax. I thanks. its insulting.
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  7. i would suspect the price increases are to account for the falling US$ -- h goods are less expensive here than in the rest of the world and they may just be trying to bring us up to where everyone else is. in december an hermes scarf even in the paris duty free was significantly more expensive than at home.
  8. I was thinking about the end of last year when we heard prices were going up 20% in Feburary and they didn't. (USA) I wonder if they will continue increasing prices bi-annually like some of the other lux companies to soften the sting.
    Good to be informed!!! Thanks for the info. GG
  9. guccigal-----In Asia we are already paying higher prices for the scarves, so a US price increase sort of evens things out. Unless our prices go up as well (which would suck bigtime).:shrugs:

    Pulling back? Don't think so. People will mutter and grumble, but will eventually adjust themselves to the higher prices.
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  10. I think I will definitely pull back. $355 is a big purchase for me as it is- no way I could justify $380 or $400 more than once or twice a year. I know the US dollar is falling as relates to other currencies, but I haven't gotten a raise to make up for it. Probably I will buy more secondhand scarves if prices go up again.
  11. Madness!
  12. As I said before, (&()$&@#&*$#@&$@#*

    I've got one item coming via charge/send, and two will be at the store pretty soon to pick up. Outside of one more, that'll be it. I always said that if the scarves were around $400, and the shawls around $1,100, that would be that.

    Bye bye Hermes.
  13. Where did you get this info?

    Is the scarf price you quoted for a 90cm scarf as that's already close to $400 here so maybe they are just bringing US pricing in line with other countries, although Birkins are alot more money in the US than they are here
  14. The dollar has actually been pretty stable against the Euro at about $1.55. They're raising prices because they'll be able to get away with it. Luxury goods have one of the highest profit margins in the world of retailing, and it's why everyone wants to be thought of as "luxury" even fi they're average.

    They'll certainly be more exclusive when a simple coin purse is around $400 and up.

  15. The only thing that makes us cheaper than Britain is your VAT, and when you put their price increase along with the increased VAT, you'll always be higher.