Price Increase Update

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  1. Thank you, ladies. I heard an increase is coming too and my SA suggested getting items of interest sooner than later.
  2. EUROPE: Any price increases in January? Is the Birkin 35 (Togo) still 8500€?
    There's a chance I can get a Birkin at the end of this month, so I'm wondering how much it will be...
  3. My SA just informed me of price increase on bags on Feb 2, and shoes on Jan 14 in the US
  4. Sorry, no idea about the B, but I can see that the Evelyne 29 has increased 50€, the Bolide has increased 200€or even 300€?
  5. F.M.L. :crybaby:
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  6. What the F$$$??? ON EVERYTHING?
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  7. In Europe the Opli shoulder bag went up 750 euro and it looks like the clics went up 10 euro and Maxi twilly by 15 euro
  8. Worried about USA price increases
    Prices on bags are already so high
  9. I know. I’m planning to shop Saturday for a few things!

    Ughhh I hate it!!! Monday is shoes. I’ll ask for others if it’s staggered or if everything else is Feb 3rd

    I agree. It sucks!!
  10. The worst part is - this is in addition to the new sales tax that we have to pay (for people with no H in their state). So essentially it’s a 12% or more increase, depending on what state you are in. Plus shipping. :annoyed::shocked:

    Not cool.
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  11. Exactly. My state just enforced this in December days before I got my last bag.
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  12. Ugh... yea there's that too. I'm in that camp. I think this price increase/tax thing is going to really slow me down now. I am going to buy a pair of Orans prior to all this (hasn't taken effect in my state yet) and then I'm off to Ban Island to lick my wounds.
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  13. Same... except for I’m already on ban island :crybaby:... The increase is definitely NOT insignificant. Do we know for sure it’s on Bs and Ks?
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  14. This is upsetting news.
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  15. How accurate have Hermes SAs been in predicting percentage increases and products affected in the past? I ask because i have seen SAs from other luxury brands be right on the timing but completely off on percentages and product lines impacted.
    Additionally, I noticed that the U.K.had some relatively modest increases on some slgs and Clic clacs, etc... The prices of those items seem in relative harmony with the US equivalents so one can hope for a modest increase stateside too maybe? When it comes to bags...I really hope they spare the US from any significant increase. For instance the mini evie is €1250 in Europe which is $1445 USD without VAT refund....the US price is $1800 or 1900-2000 after sales tax. That is a 25% difference before any VAT refund! Do they really want that large a difference...guess we will have to see but I thought luxury brands wanted to harmonize prices so just keeping my fingers crossed!