Price for Reissue 227

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you girls could help me out. I am planning to buy the black or navy patent 227 this weekend. As I looked through the reference library I noticed that the price was different than what I was told. Could you guys tell me what the price is for this bag? Thanks so much;)
  2. I think the navy patent is $2350 or $2395. I have to look at my tag.
  3. I just purchased the black patent 227 from Saks and it was 2495.00. Those bags might be hard to find.
  4. it's $2495 plus tax. im pretty sure.
  5. Yup $2495
  6. Do you think it is less at the Chanel boutique. I thought it was $2375?
  7. it's $2495 after the price increase. the old price was 2375...i got mine last month with the old sticker price on the ticket and got charged $2495 because the SA said he couldn't charge me the old price and they didn't get around to changing the price ticket. :push: it's ok though. the bag is gorgeous
  8. yup, just ordered mine from NYC Chanel, USD2495 plus shipping
  9. Oddly, the blue patent is $2395 and black patent is 2495. Dont know why.
  10. R u in the US? Because I thought they had to charge you the price that's on the tag .. otherwise it's false/misleading advertising.
  11. are the patent bags still available? may I ask where you will be getting them from?
  12. yep, i bought it in NY. I was giving the SA the inquisitive eye and said "that's not right", but he didn't let me get the lower price. He scanned it and beckoned me over to the screen to see the scanned price as evidence. The SA standing next to him didn't say anything either so I stopped pushing.
  13. I have been on a waiting list at Saks and finally one has come up!
  14. Technically you were entitled to the ticketed price. Its their tough luck if they didnt get around to changing the price tags. But oh well, at least you got a gorgeous bag. I probably wouldnt push the envelope that much over such a limited bag.