Preview of My HW Micropave

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  1. Gorgous ring and you have lovely hands!
    Looks perfect on you :smile:
  2. yea, i agree too..... lovely hands u have. i wish i could have ur hands and also ur gorgeous ring. hehe... :smile: you and kohl have the nicest hands around.
  3. So gorgeous!! Your rings are so beautiful!! I have a round center stone but dream of one day having a emerald eternity or half eternity band because i just adore how emeralds look!!
  4. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm a HUGE fan of HW, I've started looking at their rings to upgrade! But your emerald cut is a knock out! Just perfection. Its looks beautiful on you! Enjoy your engagement!!! The ring is absolutely stunning! :ps:
  5. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! :hugs:

    honeybeez, your hands are lovely as well and with your new addition, it's to die for!

    lisachen08, I've always known from day one that I was attracted to the emerald cut. An emerald eternity or half eternity would look gorgeous. I've seen those while I was shopping and it makes my heart skip a beat. :love:

    AirMezPrincess, after I got this e-ring, I became a huge fan of HW as well. Not only is their customer service superb, but their quality and pieces are so well made. My fiance says that it's worth every penny of it. Even he was impressed! :giggles: Please share with us your upgrade!
  6. CONGRATS!!!!!!! How very exciting, a proposal in Paris AND a bonus ring!

    Enjoy your engagement!
  7. Absolutely stunning!
  8. Thank you! I'm still getting use to the fact that I"m engaged! :ty:
  9. My wonderful DF gave me this VCA Perlee ring for our 6 year (dating) anniversary last week. :amuse: He wanted me to wear it with my e-ring. It looks like a wedding band so I will be stacking it with my "real" wedding band when we get married. Thank you for letting me share my rings and sorry for the dry hand! :flowers:

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  10. Ahhhhh I love the perlee! This ring is high on my list since I am not getting the bracelet anymore (or not soon anyway). Hehe congrats, your DF is so sweet and you are so lucky! It also looks surprisingly good with harry!
  11. It looks so beautiful and dainty and the color is yummy! What a sweetie you lucky girl!
  12. Thanks, kohl and whoops! You both have beautiful pieces as well. :hugs:

    I've been in love with the Perlee line since it came out. I'm really happy that I can own a piece from that line now.

    I'm looking forward to seeing kohl's Love paired with the VCA sweet.
  13. Wow, congrats, it looks so lovely with your drop dead gorgeous HW!!!! :love:

    Happy Anniversary!!!
  14. SOOOO sweet and romantic. I love Paris. We honeymooned there. Congratulations!!!
  15. Thank you, Bentley1. The Perlee ring came as a surprise. I wasn't expecting him to buy it as he already spend a load on the e-ring.

    ALLinTHEbag, thank you. I love Paris and it was my third time going there. This time, it was extra special because I was with DF. :graucho: