Preview of My HW Micropave

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  1. Contessa, I'm enjoying my ring every moment of the day! :cloud9: I am very lucky to have a such a special guy. When I broke the news to my grandma, she told me it was better than winning the lottery. She's a funny lady. :roflmfao:

    kohl_mascara, Thank you! :hugs: You definitely read my mind. I don't mind having a RHR to spice up my wardrobe.
  2. Congratz!!! Your grandma is too cute!
  3. Thanks whoops. I can't keep my eyes off the ring when I'm driving as well. I've swerved a few times into other lanes. I bet the people behind me think I'm drunk. :nuts:
  4. What distracts me isn't just the big arrows I clearly see on the center but then when the halo has these mini sprinkles.... They sparkle differently in an overwhelming way. I can only imagine your chunky steps of the emerald against the thin tiny halos. Yuum I really wanted an emerald in the beginning but DF liked the look of the traditional round for me.
  5. By looking at your ring through my computer/iphone, it is already distracting. It sparkles everywhere. I'm sure if I see it in person, I couldn't concentrate on anything else. :lol:
  6. Congrats! I really love your engagement story. Thanks for sharing!

    Please post more pics because it is so beautfiul. I feel like I could see your ring all day! And what hand coverage. It makes me think that I should of gone with a different kind of cut.
  7. Wow!! Some body REALLY loves you! What an awesome ring!
  8. I'm late to the party !!! Many congrats marialc121:hugs:
    Love both rings, Paris, everything :heart::love::heart:
    I don't blame you for not taking your eyes of this BEAUTY
  9. Jhoshopgirl, Thank you for your compliments. I'm sure your ring is fabulous as well.

    frosted, Thank you. Your DH must love you as well. Your soleste is so beautiful!

    vancleef fan, It's never too late to join the party! :woohoo:
  10. Hi Ladies. I'm finally back with some pics of my ring. I would love to take some beautiful glamour shots of it someday, but currently I don't have the luxury of time since I just started my internship. Thanks for letting me share my wonderful proposal and ring! :hugs:

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  11. Love that donut on the ring and that way it sits in your finger.
  12. marialc~

    I love your ring. I have a 3 carat emerald cut e-ring and love when I see emerald cuts being used! Your setting is beautiful! Your hands are gorgeous also! Do you mind
    telling us what size your finger is? Your stone is awesome!

  13. STUNNING!!! Congratulations again!
  14. Thank you, whoops and GucciObsessed. :flowers:

    kimber418, Thank you as well! I would love to see a photo of your 3 carat emerald. It must be gorgeous. I love looking at emerald cuts. My ring size is 4.25. I've been asked about my ring size quite a bit and was wondering the reason why. :confused1: If you don't mind, can you please share with me what prompted you to ask? I'm just curious. :P
  15. Wow that is one gorgeous ring!! Typically people ask ring size on the forum because it helps give a reference for size and proportion of the stone and setting. (A 1ct will look different on a size 2 finger as compared to a size 10 finger, kwim?)
    Congrats on the beautiful ring and setting!
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