Pre Sale Fever - second thoughts?

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  1. So I went to the presale and I didn't see anything that I liked in particular at the boutique. I sent to Sak's and they had the bigger version of this wallet and the abbey 1 strap double pocket hobo in platino. Now I didn't need a long wallet and I didn't need another big gucci bag but I coudn't resist the price! Now I'm debating whether or not I should call and cancel my presale order.:confused1:

    I think I just got caught up in the moment because it was 40% off.. Should I just let it come to the house and then decide if I want to return it?

    By the way, the sak's 5th Ave store had like 4 of these wallets yesterday at 40% of $350.
  2. i think u should wait till it comes...i have this in the brown trim and honestly it is the MOST PERFECT wallet!! fits the perfect amount of goodies and it isnt bulky at ALL!!! i LOVE it and im insanely jealous of ur price tag!!!
  3. I think you should keep them for a few days and see if you really *hate* them. Afterall they're Gucci ;)

    We all know that we don't *need* another wallet or bag. But they will come in handy when you need them :P Okay, I have justified my splurges!
  4. wow that wallet is on sale?
    I went to my gucci store and my SA didn't say that wallet was going to be on sale!!! :cursing: I would have totally picked up that wallet since I needed a new one :sad:
  5. saks SF had these wallets on sale in two different sizes.
  6. The wallet is on sale at Saks, not the Gucci boutique.
  7. If you have second thoughts return it. I've bought tons of bags and I regretted it later. Buy it only if you absolutely want it not because its on sale.

  8. thanks. I live in Canada, no Saks here :tdown:
  9. Can you return sale items? My sa that I purchased my white princy bag from made me pay for it in advance and said it was not returnable. Is that correct?
  10. Yes that's right - I actually presold that wallet at Saks !
    It wasn't on sale at the Gucci boutique.
  11. gucci sale items are non returnable and non refundable..all sales are final.

    saks, on the other hand takes returns on sale items.
  12. Thanks everyone. I went to Sak's today at Bala Cynwyd and saw my bag that I got on presale. I tried it on again and I liked it alot... I'll definitely post when it arrives!
  13. That wallet is a cutie. That's exactly what I need. DId you say that it's on sale at SAK? Which location is that?? Please let me know so I can call them and order one for myself. THanks.
  14. wowwww can't believe its on sale! -- pretty nice!
  15. I called the SAK today, and they said that wallet is $420? with 40% off. Plus $13 for shipping. I ordered one today. Can't wait to see it. They said the wallet was in a gold trim, instead of platinum. Does anyone have this wallet in gold trim?? I thought they only made it in platinum trim?? I was afraid that he might be talking about some other wallet, but the SA said that this is the only Dring wallet. So it can't be mistaken.

    Also, do you guys know or have you see this wallet at a presale?? Please let me know which store so I can call them up.

    Thank you all!