Prada Gauffre - PICS ONLY

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  2. [​IMG]

    Spring 2007 Gauffre with detach messenger strap...2690.all leather natural
  3. [​IMG]SPRING 2007 colors(YUMMY!)and matching cosmetic pouches
  4. Prada Gauffre Tote --- Fall Winter 2006


  5. 2007 spring summer white nylon Gauffre satchel

  6. my new camello (thanks Jill for all of your help! ;) )
    camello 003 (Small).jpg
  7. don't have this one but I WANT IT!! ivory :heart:

  8. My beloved Cero Gauffre...modeled by my beloved granddaughter!

    modelinggauffre.jpg :love:
  9. My brother bought it for me. I still love it a lot. It was one of the first models that Vicky Beck carried during the world cup.

  10. JILLS GAUFFRE FAMILY PIC..LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. ivory or "lavanda":

  12. Black nylon gauffre satchel
    Bluefly $1098.00
    nylon prada 006 (2).jpg nylon prada 048.jpg nylon prada 037.jpg
  13. Spring 2007
    Cera leather gauffre satchel
    gauffre 030.jpg gauffre 014.jpg gauffre 010.jpg
  14. I bougth this beauty last thursday at Prada's boutique. Just love it:love:

    Blue nylon gauffre, 860euro
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  15. hmmm... i wonder what happened there... but here it is again