Prada charms/keyring on Prada bags

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  1. Would you put a cute Prada charm/ keyring on your Prada/ Miu Miu bags?
  2. 2 years ago i bought a prada bag from the prada shop.
    there is a charm on the bag in the display case, i thought it was cute and bought the charm with it. the charm is still on the bag.
    i haven't seen anyone using a Prada charm on their bag.
    just wondering if anyone else does that.
  3. I may consider it if the charm was the RIGHT would have to match me (my personality) and the bag..It would just depend..
  4. I want so many charms but when I look at the price of the charm I think of what % that would equal to something else I want that costs more. So then I feel bad for wanting it :{ But I really like that saffiano stiletto charm/keychain, has anyone seen that?

    The only one I've seen the most around austin is that saffiano heart with the little banner/ribbon across it.
  5. if you really like Prada charms, Prada always have sale if you go to Prada counters or Prada stores. (they don't put up signs in the stores most of the time)
    they always have new ones. some of them are really cute.
  6. bluewin...

    Hi... could you post a pic of some of these charms. I've never seen any Prada charms! :nuts:
  7. ^YEahe!! I would love to see some!!
  8. NMM5614_mn.jpg 200405100106.jpg 08f.jpg 200405100104.jpg
  9. I will post pic of my charm in the morning =)
  10. Thanks snoopylaughs! I kinda like the 3rd pic... whatever it is!! Looks like a beaded figure that would be fun to play with.
  11. Here are pictures of my Prada boat charm.
    i bought one with half leather and half plastic like material. the store have one that is completly leather too.
    Thanks snoopylaughs for the pictures :smile:
    i also saw a lipstick one and a handbag one too.
    all of those are really cute.
    i saw the robot one before but the one i saw is more of a necklace and the store put that in the men's section of Prada. i can't imagine any man wearing that though :wtf:
    picture00002.jpg picture00003.jpg
  12. i found a picture of the handbag one.
  13. hi Girls...

    They're *all* cute!! Honestly though.. I'd probably never *buy* one. All that I've seen are close to or more than $100 bucks... and to me, it seems like ALOT of $$ for a charm. I'd rather put that $$ towards a new purse. :yes:
  14. I really like the revolver charm. I have a skull and crossbones charm from Coach that was $38, much cheaper than the Prada version ;) I'm with padparasha, I don't think I could fork over that much without thinking that it could go to a new bag instead :smile:
  15. ^OK I'm the village idiot..I would..I love the boat one (of course!!) and the hand bag one..oh and the shoe!!