Prada bag in the color "blush"

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  1. Good evening ladies!
    I was wondering if anyone owned any bag in the color blush? I'm struggling with what it will look like in person and my local Saks doesn't have it in stock to see. I'm personally hoping it will be more tan like the attached but everything I know about the color blush is more pink and that's what I see when I search the bag on other sites. Any help would be greatly appreciated Screenshot_20180324-212628_Firefox.jpg
  2. I've not see it either, but I'm guessing it's a pinkish beige color.
  3. Thank you for your response! That's what I was afraid of. I'm not a big pink girl. I just went with another bag.
  4. Also, the Prada website calls the same bag "powder pink"
  5. I have the Powder Pink small Galleria which I ordered off the Prada website. In my opinion it's much more beige than pink....close to the Cammeo, if not the same, hard to my opinion there is a smidgeon more pink. Check out the photos I posted......I think under Bag Straps. I'll check to make sure.
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  6. No, the photo is in the subject 'Galleria in white...'. Scroll down for the photo. The bag is in the 'Powder Pink' and the crystal strap is in the 'Cammeo'. There is a subtle difference.
  7. Can you link the post you're talking about? I'd love to see your pictures.

    So does it have any tan in it at all?
  8. In my opinion it's more beige than pink. I believe the shade blends well with anything one wears.

    Tan? When I think 'tan' leather, my mind pictures undied leather.

    The bag.......Powder Pink
    The strap....Cammeo

  9. I like the color of your bag. The pics on Saks look more "sandy" and that's what I was going for. I'm so confused now.
  10. Bless your heart. Please keep us in the loop with your final decision!
  11. I ended up getting a YSL loulou. I still may revisit this Prada again. I like the style of the bag.
  12. Ahhh....wasn't familiar with the Lou so looked her up. Very pretty. What color did you choose?
  13. I got it in sable beige.. I found her on farfetch. It's out for delivery today, so we shall see if it's the color I'm looking for.
  14. How does the color CIPRIA compare to CAMMEO? I am considering it in the medium double zip. Your bag is lovely but I wonder why they decided to name it powder pink??
  15. If memory serves, cammeo is a beige-tan color and cipria is a beige-pink color.
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